Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Hospital Edition Part Two

Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes :-)

 The ID tags I had to wear so they knew what did not agree with me and that they didn't mistake me for someone else!

The clinical nurse performing the endoscopy recommended entonox for pain relief as there was one part deemed particularly painful and she was right!  I have given birth four times with no analgesia but the pain was very similar to the pain over a week ago, so not only was I " off my head" on entonox I started to lose consciousness again.  At one point I thought I was back in my bedroom with Dave on that fateful Sunday morning!

The good news is that everything looked normal but to make sure they have sent in a sample for testing.  The staff were wonderful especially since I spent the rest of my time in recovery crying!!  A common side effect of the Entonox, good job I didn't use it in labour then :-)

I have managed to eat a small amount and have been drinking plenty.  God is good, I have been upheld in prayer and I was able to offer an arrow prayer for a lady who was terrified of her procedure.  Remember the story about the love of God spanning an ocean?  Well Em rang this afternoon to check how I was and didn't even know that it was my day for the procedure, in the chaos of the past week I had forgotten to tell her :-)

I know He holds me in the palm of His hand, what an amazing Father!

Love to you all, San xx 


  1. I am so glad it went well! My first colonoscopy was without anesthesia because I was nursing Flora. As you said, the pain was really intense, it was worse than giving birth and they told me to breathe deeply. The second time I was under a medication that completely knocks you out and the nice thing about it is that you do not even remember anything. That medication had no side effects (at least not with me). So they do not know where the bleeding came from? And the pain? Hope they do not find anything wrong with the sample.

    I hope you will recover quickly and will be able to eat again. Much love (I said a prayer for you in church this morning),


    1. Bless you for the prayers. The initial pain was the usual cross contamination of gluten and they think the bleeding was caused by a ruptured blood vessel due to the tearing pain :-(

      At least I am over it and I should be able to start recovering. I have pro bio tics and live yogurt. I used aconite for the shakes and arnica for bruising and I am booked in for an acupuncture treatment on Friday.


    2. Did the acupuncture help??

  2. So glad to hear went as well as could be expected! My son was under ansthesia for his 'scopes and I do think they ought to offer the option to adults!

    Rest and take care. {{hugs}} and prayers

    1. Yes they should offer anaesthetic to adults too!

  3. San,

    I am so glad you are starting to feel better. What a difficult time you are having. It's so frightening to be whisked off to hosiptal in the middle of the night. I imagine Dave was extremely anxious especially as he couldn't be at your side.

    Oh yes, the love of God can span an ocean. God is indeed good. I am praying for you. I hope you continue to recover. Sending much love and hugs. xxx

  4. Thinking of you! How is your recovery going? Continues well-wishes and prayers wafting your way across the globe ....

  5. Hello San! I love you! I hope today is a good day for you :) We send all of you our love and hugs, xoxo

  6. Hello Sandra! Thank you for your two kind comments! I'm very pleased you found me so that I found you too! So sorry to hear you've been unwell and have had to undergo a horribly invasive procedure, my mum had to have something similar a few years ago and hated it. I will pray for you too, always good to have many prayers and God will hold you in his hands!

    By the way, you said you found me VIA TARDIS Tuesday, which one or through who, was it Maricel?x

    1. Hi Kezzie,

      Thanks for popping by and your prayers :-)

      I think it was via Maricel but in fact it was from another blogger JazzyJack and she was via my friend Sue Elvis who writes at an unschooling family in Australia :-). The blogging world is mind boggling!! Praying your move goes well x


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