Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Looking for joy :: DPP Day Two

That big word in the middle, you know, the one beginning with J and ending in y with an o in between ... well it eluded me today.  In all honesty I was waiting for a crash, I've seen it all before since I am no stranger in dealing with a crisis!

The day is done, I'll bid you a good night and catch up with you tomorrow :-)


  1. We have also had a difficult day. Our house is a mess because I have been gone too much. I finally took Charlotte to the pediatrician. She is on antibiotics now: acute bronchitis. We still hope that she will be able to dance the Nutcracker, though. Could you say a prayer for her? I am exhausted myself, driving first up to Buffalo and now to the pediatrician (nothing is close around here) is really difficult. I think tomorrow, we will just clean up and not do any school, but even that is sometimes hard with so many children. I do have office hours, though, so one our will be spend on campus.

    Wishing you a better day tomorrow.

    1. Yes definitely prayers for Charlotte and for you too. Your day of no school sounds just the thing.

      Sending a huge hug

      San xx

    2. Thanks for the hug.

  2. Have found your blog...look forward to reading in Gerry


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