Sunday, 13 December 2015

Looking for joy :: A DPP Catch Up on Gaudete Sunday

DPP Day 11 ~ A Gem of a Generator

 On Friday night we waved goodbye to this:

 This hulking brute had provided power from early Tuesday morning until 8pm Friday evening when we were finally re-connected to the main grid :-)

DPP Day 12 ~ Make and Cake

We had our last make and cake session for the year and as is the custom I made chocolate peppermint shortbread:

  I had real problems with the shortbread mix and so the biscuit base although yummy was very crumbly, hence the irregularities in shape and size!  Still it was good to gather and craft with friends.

DPP Day 13 ~ St Lucia Day

Cinnamon swirls made to the accompaniment of a St Lucia recording via you tube was the order of the day.  They weren't served at the crack of dawn but shared for afternoon tea with a very dear friend:


We survived another steady down pour of rain on Saturday and woke to blue skies and frost this morning.  I think the past few weeks are catching up with me health wise and so I made the decision to be home based for the remainder of the weekend.  

I still seem to be in denial about Christmas preparations and every year I say the same thing, "The only year I was organised when I was pregnant with Pip, which is seven years ago!!"   Sadly I do not have the nesting instinct to keep me on track and now I have a birthday to organise two days before the big day :-) 

We have bought all the presents and so they only need wrapping and since our present list is quite small it shouldn't take that long.  Pip spent the afternoon writing out her home made Christmas cards and as a treat for "Gaudete" Sunday both her and Benedict watched a Christmas Film.  All in all, a good day.

Advent Blessings x  


  1. Well, you are much better than we are, you do HAVE presents. I am still looking at the things we need to make our presents. Since there are no good stores around, we have to order supplies and they will take about a week to get here. None of our presents will get to people in time anymore. And there is the final to give and grade and final grades are due before Christmas. Lots to do for the college. Now I do need some sleep and hopefully I will sleep without Nutcracker music in my head.

    1. Handmade is the best though, hoping you manage to share what you make once they are received by the respective parties :-)

      Dorina is right, there are 12 days to Christmas, so extra time all round :-)

    2. I will :), the gifts will be very simple this year.

  2. I love that song, I remember my parents playing that when I was a child. I hope you stay well this week :)

    1. Yes one of my favourites too :-) Hope you all stay well too x

  3. Hello San, I'm glad you decided to stay in :) We would often get sick during the holidays but I'm hoping we get through without this year. Your treats look delicious and it sounds like you are spending the days in a fun Christmas spirit. There's always so much to do at this time of year so remember, there are TWELVE days of Christmas, and each day is a wonderful celebration (I have to remember this myself as I get packages together this week!). I send you a big hug xoxoxo


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