Monday, 14 December 2015

Looking for joy :: DPP Day 14 ~ A Photo Bombing Boy

It was the end of the day and I realised that I hadn't managed to take a photo,no worries I'll take a silly selfie of Dave and myself and that will do :-)  Not a chance with a Benedict around, what started off as this:

very quickly morphed into this...

 ... and we wouldn't have it any other way!

How on earth did this "compact chap" ( our GP's phrase, upon making a home visit a day after his birth) become so grown up?!  He is nearly as tall as me, is a lean but not mean eating machine and has hollow legs!!

When I spent a lovely morning with my dear friend last week, she told me a story of when she her son was six and she was training in shiatsu.  She asked the other course attendees who had older boys, "how do you know when a boy hits puberty?"  And the reply ... "when you are tripping over legs and the fridge is permanently empty!!"  So True :-)

Advent Blessings x 


Eva said...

How tall is he now? I love your pictures. Jonathan is a tad taller than I am, but I am pretty tall, ca. 1.76 m.

Sandra Ann said...

We are having another transatlantic convo!! My favourite :-)

I am 5ft 2" and he is 1" shorter than me, so I guess it was inevitable that he would over take me, just like I overtook my mum at 4ft 10"!! Dave is 5ft 11"

It is the first time ever I have had to buy him extra clothing part way through a season, LOL

Hugs to you that you finish the grading and catch up on sleep xx

Eva said...

Then your are about Charlotte's height. Miriam is about 4' 8". Right now I have nothing to grade, but I am putting together my final exam. The grading starts Wednesday. I am also cleaning up our house. Downstairs is pretty good again, but upstairs is awful. I am glad we are not having company, and there is so much laundry to do!

What time is it at your place? 12:30 a.m.?

Sandra Ann said...

Actually nearly 1:00am, whoops! We had an end of year gathering after prayer group and I had a cup of tea which contained caffeine so needless to say a bit unsettled this evening!

I actually managed to sort the down stairs today and the upstairs is not too bad. So we are fairly tidy and I need it to stay that way so I can clean :-)

Pip and I had our home school meet with a family where the mother is German and so we were treated to the yummiest chocolate and hazelnut biscuits and marzipan and jam treats! The two girls that Pip plays with are twins and they are a really lovely family. Dave was in fact at high school with their dad!!

Must go need to sleep!

San xx

Eva said...

Yes, that is my goal also: cleaning once this mess is cleaned up. I like to have it clean for Christmas.

Your meeting sounds lovely. Do the children speak German? I also had some marzipan for my students last Friday. Funny that Dave was a classmate of the German lady's husband. Is Pip now in school just part time? What happened with the letter you sent away because of the principal removing all statues?

Yes, you need some sleep. I just started another load of laundry and am baking almond flour banana bread for breakfast right now. Flora is in bed, Charlotte was practicing her flute just a minute ago, and Miriam and Veronika are playing some kind of made-up story game. I will read something to Jonathan now before going back to come up with a final exam for my students.

Have a wonderful night!

Sue Elvis said...


There is something wonderful about looking up at a son instead of down. I always wonder how I produced such big people. It doesnt seem that long ago, they were babies in my arms. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos of you, Dave and Benedict. You have spread the joy of the moment. They made me smile! xxx

sustainablemum said...

These are lovely photos Sandra, hope you got some sleep last night! Your meet up with C and family sounds lovely, they are such a lovely family I always enjoy seeing them at the Footprint.

Sandra Ann said...

Yes the joy of the moment :-). Your smile always makes me smile!

Sandra Ann said...

Yes they are lovely we really enjoy our visits x

dorinalouise said...

So nice to read your and Eva's notes to each other :) I'm only 5 feet so Benedict is past me! How fast they grow. Your pics are beautiful and I wish you luck keeping that fridge full! Love you San :) xoxoxo