Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Looking for joy :: DPP Day Twenty Three ~ Birthday-ing

Seven times around the sun and as always the adventure begins at midnight when I am finally finishing with birthday prep and fondly reminiscing of early labour signs at that exact moment!

 Wrapped and ready.

Pip woke at her usual time of six thirty but was happy to hang out in her room until I was sorted a little while later.  She found the large box shaped present very intriguing and her response upon opening was absolutely delightful:

Meet Shannon who likes nothing more than being outdoors, she is an our generation girl

Once the remainder of the presents had been opened we made our way into the front room for the "x" marks the spot, you were born here at 8:30 am:

 My not so little baby just about able to sit on my knee :-)

It wasn't long before Pip's best buddy from school arrived and they had great fun:

 Sharing a how to draw book.

 Decorating cup cakes.

 Pink icing, Christmas sprinkles and chocolate hearts!

 Watching and waiting ...

... for the fountain!  

I had "technical issues" and could not strike the second match quickly so that they would burn simultaneously!

After lunch we made spoon puppets:

A flower girl puppet for B.

We also had several other visitors throughout the day dropping off cards, presents and good wishes.  Pip remarked several times that it was the best birthday ever and kept thanking me for the party and the treat activities.  We bought her a birthday card with her absolute favourite phrase:

" Love you to the moon and back"

And she also adds, " and deep down into your heart."

As I write she and Shannon are tucked up snug in bed and since Pip is not usually a bed sharer with her teddies and rag doll this is quite an interesting turn of events :-)

Smashing Seven! Oh to be young again :-)

Advent Blessings x


ellie said...

Oh San, Happy Birthday to your Pip!

I love the birth-spot photos you do. My 13yo was born smack in the middle of the dining-lesson room

Eva said...

Happy birthday to the two of you! Now you have caught up to Flora, Pip! Such a lovely birthday. Flora also loves her doll and sleeps with her.

We will open the Advent package tomorrow morning with everybody together. So nice you thought of us, it came today. You will get a Christmas gift from us soon.

Love to all!


dorinalouise said...

Hello! Happy Birthday! What a beautiful celebration you made! It feels so loving and warm. And fun :)

Our package arrived too! We opened it this evening when Greg came home and can't wait for breakfast in the morning! I'll post pics before the cake is devoured :)

Morgana and Chanda helped me wrap gifts today and Morgana helped me pack up your little box. I don't think I'll make it to the post office until Saturday . . so it will be a Twelve Days of Christmas gift or even maybe a New Year gift. But whenever it arrives, I hope you can all sit down and have a little holiday cheer together. Thanks so much for your cheer this evening :) xoxoxo

Sue Elvis said...

Happy birthday Pip!

San, I enjoyed all the photos. Thank you for letting us share Pip's birthday. I love those words: " Love you to the moon and back" and its reply, "and deep down into your heart."

Looking at Pip's doll, I remember the wonderful days when my own girls enjoyed playing dolls. I have kept all their favourite dolls. They are stored away just in case we ever get any granddaughters!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Sandra Ann said...

Another similarity that we share! Home births are special :-). Benedict was born on the landing outside our bedroom door :-)

Sandra Ann said...

So pleased that the package arrived :-)

Pip has formed a real attachment to her doll, they were dancing this morning!!

Sandra Ann said...

So pleased the package arrived :-). Twelve day gifts are the best, they are a special treat after the business of Christmas x

Sandra Ann said...

Happy Christmas to you dear friend since you are several hours ahead of us! Xx

ellie said...

Yes, all mine were born at home :-) The first three each, in turn, in my bedroom-at-the-time. Then, we bought this house when I was eight months pregnant with Joshua: I knew it would be our house when we first came to see it and I stood in the room with eight windows facing east, south, and west and I knew that the baby would be born in that room and so it came to pass!

Eva said...

How sweet :). We listened to your CD while putting up the tree. Flora loves the first piece. We had to play it again and again.

sustainablemum said...

A belated Happy Birthday to Pip :)