Friday, 27 February 2015

#40 Acts ~ Tick Tock

I was too tired to post yesterday's challenge here on the blog but I did upload my picture and the enclosed commentary on the facebook and instagram page:


Bang on time!  Punctuality could be my middle name and I get totally stressed if I am running late.  Today's post got me thinking about how easy it is for some to manage time keeping and for others it is an all round nightmare.

The post mentioned that habitual lateness can sometimes mean an inability to put others needs before your own but it can also mean that a person has a recognised disability such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia.  So the next time you are hanging around waiting at a bus stop or feeling a lemon all alone at a restaurant table, spare a thought for those trying to make sense of the chaos inside their head.

As a result of my posting on FB a lady left a comment stating that as a result of reading my post she had decided to be more charitable towards some of her friends that are consistently late when meeting.  So my post had done its job in encouraging others to think of other possibilities beside an uncaring or selfish attitude.

  Benedict himself has all three of these difficulties and I witness daily how these impact not only on everyday life but also on his management of the diabetes.  Whereas most kids his age with diabetes are off doing their own thing, Benedict needs constant monitoring over and above the norm. He often forgets to check his bloods or give himself insulin and working out the maths behind each morsel of food is a major headache.

All of these conditions are hidden and it is only when a very able child is falling further and further behind does it become apparent that other factors are at play.  Knowing what I do know has helped me work out the best way forward for him and following set curriculums with copious amounts of writing and notetaking are a non starter.  We are working with a home made package of mainly practical work with the odd work book thrown in!  It is a case of mother and son working together, looking at the problems and trying to find the solutions.  It is not an easy journey but it is certainly an interesting one!


  1. I wonder if there is anyone who does not get stressed a the thought of running late.......if I had to do a school run each day I think the grey hairs would be mounting by now!

    1. That is why I have plenty of them and you are grey free!!!

  2. This is a beautiful insightful post, San. And you work so carefully to help Benedict learn how to cope with everything. It doesn't sound easy at all, but it does sound like you stay open to possibilities while constantly maintaining a plan. You're in my heart and I send you a big hug :) xoxoxoxo

  3. Our family is often late. Getting all of us ready is so hard. Peter and I were never late, but once we started having children, everything changed. I use to get very annoyed about this, but now I have accepted it and don't stress anymore when we are late. We try our best, and sometimes that works, but other times it does not.


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