Saturday, 14 March 2015

A Big Ol' Catch Up!

We did not fall off the face of the earth :-)  These past few weeks were more crazy than usual and by the end of each day I was too tired to log on line.  

Kathryn started a new job just over two weeks ago and her training has necessitated a trip across the border to the big city an hour's drive north from here, so we looked after MG whilst she was at work.

 Playing with the jigsaws before bed ~ I did have to referree one or two minor spats!!

 Helping Grandad with the laundry!

Pip is finally back at school for morning's only.  Her health is slowly improving but her return has not been without some difficulties.  Every morning for the past two weeks she has been very upset and angry about having to go to school.  I know that when she started school we always knew the time might come where she would want to be at home. 

 In an ideal world I would remove her from school and teach her at home but we don't live in an ideal world.  Our house is stretched to the limit with health difficulties and other needs and I know that we would struggle to meet her need for social interaction and getting out each day.  Still it is quite distressing to see her in such a state.  I have a meeting with her teacher next week and will be raising our concerns including the dreaded "star of the week" rewards programme, the link is not for Pip's school but the premise is just the same. 

 Since the New Year Pip has obsessed about why she hasn't had the star of the week as she works hard, completes all her home work and tries her best each day.  She has become demoralised and her confidence has been shattered and I think this is one of the reasons for her unhappiness.  I am all for genuine praise for kids but I do not agree with this motivational carrot. Needless to say these past few weeks have been more tiring than usual and I am at a loss as to how to help her.

Benedict has also had some whacky blood sugars and as always the diabetes keeps me on my toes.  My sanity saver has been the icon painting at Hyning and I will be in the workshop for three days next week as part of the intermediate course led by Peter Murphy 

 Homework!  Prepping the St Michael icon for the course next week.

We have done a pretty good job at keeping up with our 40 Acts challenges and so here is a rundown of the past week:

 Love Letters, either on paper or by text.

 Blessing a stranger ~ I bought the chocolates whilst shopping on Monday.  I had the opportunity to bless the cashier with them as she was looking worried and so I stepped out of my comfort zone and handed them over.  She was thrilled and shared with me that she was worried about an up and coming house move, so that nudge from God was spot on!!

Sending some treats to some green parent mums who needed cheering up.

 Thursday's challenge was to think of the marginalised and I am grateful that we were able to make a subscription to this organisation, who in turn will bless a prisoner in need.

The 40 Acts project has given me a focus outside of myself and the immediate family and this has helped enormously during those difficult moments.

It is Mother's Day here in the UK tomorrow.  Debbie and the boys are visiting so the kids and I have a different afternoon treat planned from our usual chocolate twirl bars!

Thanks for popping by :-)


  1. Dear San, your package arrived two days ago! Such a wonderful choice. Did you know that Frère Roger blessed me while I was pregnant with Jonathan? He was visiting Notre Dame then. Thanks so much. Now I have an additional book to read during Lent.

    I am sitting here with 33 degrees, feeling quite hot and am grading college exams. They made too many mistakes, you can tell that I am not in the classroom. It is hard to teach German from far away.

    When reading about Pip, I felt very sad. There is a very good book out there that addresses exactly the gold star problem. It is called Punished by Rewards. I wish I could take her and have her play with Flora! How different Flora's life is. Then she would have a break, but also get some social interaction.

    You have been doing wonderful Lent projects. Because of the warm weather here, Lent seems to be so unreal. It is hard to believe that Easter will happen soon.

  2. It's so good to hear from you San! I'm so glad you are continuing with the icon painting. I love the picture of you sitting at the table doing your "homework." And I really enjoyed hearing about blessing the cashier with the chocolates. Just sharing with you about her big house move was probably so strengthening for her. How intuitive you are :)

    I really feel for you and Pip. I hope you can find a way of working through this so she can be happy and strong about the work she does. It's good you are going to discuss it with her teacher. I'm sure she's not the only child with these feelings.

    MG is so adorable. (Sigh). It's so nice she spends some time with you :)

    Love and hugs from all of us to all of you xoxoxoxo

  3. It's good to hear that you are all ok albeit rather busy! I am so sorry to hear that Pip is struggling at school. I know that it was not an easy decision for you to send her there in the first place. I do hope that you can find the best way through this.

  4. Thank you so much for my gorgeous gift - the top one it was - just perfect xx
    Sorry to hear about Pip - hope she is ok. Star of the week is the worst thing ever! They started it at our school and all the kids became obsessed with it and so disappointed when they didn't win. James would come trailing off the bus on a Friday, head down saying i didn't get star of the week- heartbreaking. I spoke to the class teacher and head at his ila meeting and told them how it was affecting his self confidence. They said they planned to let everyone have a turn, but, as I said -it is then dishonest and pointless- so many things wrong with that system - rant rant... Obviously enough parents complained so it was quietly dropped.

    Love to you all and remembering you in prayer xxx


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