Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A Dragon Came To Tea

Pip and I actually managed a short outing yesterday, we visited our local library and apart from choosing some books Pip joined in with some Chinese crafts for Chinese New Year.  This inspired her to make a dragon once we were home, so out came the craft supplies and with a modicum of direction from me she made her dragon mask:

We are still dealing with health hassles at this end.  Pip has been absent from school these past three weeks (four if you include our current half term break) since her recovery from the flu and the accompanying secondary complications has meant a protracted return to full health.

Benedict is now on his second virus in just under a month and has been confined to bed on and off these past few days.

Dave and I are trying to work out if food allergies are causing a dip in our combined health and so we are on an elimination diet.  I seem to be suffering the worse for withdrawal symptoms and have been laid low with a terrible headache, brain fog, exhaustion and depression since yesterday.  Dave seems to be holding his own, but I wonder if this is due to the specialist teas form the herbalist which are working on his liver and kidneys.  What I can say is that we are exhausted and in the past month have only slept through on two occasions, as we have  been disturbed by one or both of the kids.  Consistent lack of sleep does not equate to good health.

It is the start of lent tomorrow and we are hoping to undertake the activities suggested on this site  You never know I might just manage to post any completed challenges along the way :-)


  1. Oh San I am so sorry to hear that you are all suffering with illness again. I was talking to someone today and they were saying that the Noro virus is doing the rounds in Cumbria, it has closed half of Carlisle hospital! Apparently it effects people in very different ways and can last for weeks for some people.

    1. Thank you for your good wishes. Thankfully it isn't the Noro virus we had that many years ago and it was horrendous! Benedict has a bad throat and feeling achy and exhausted, in fact very similar to Pip a few weeks ago. We just need some sunshine and warmth, roll on Spring!

  2. Dear San, It's so nice to hear your voice :) Please keep up the positive thoughts and we will keep praying for good health for all of you. Tell Pip we love her lion mask and Happy Chinese New Year. Sending all of you a big hug xoxoxoxo

  3. I will tell Pip that you like her mask! Thank you for your prayers, they are appreciated x

  4. That is a fierce looking dragon! You have to tell Pip that people around us have been celebrating the Chinese New Year with fireworks and street festivals. Hope the elimination diet will help.


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