Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Farm Visit

Here are the pictures from our farm visit last week, which I had intended to post on Sunday but was too tired.

 Feeding the goats.

 Holding a silky bantam...

 ... and stroking a very large rabbit!

 A roaming emu.

 Feeding a hungry horse.

 A mummy sheep and her newly delivered lamb.

 Colouring before lunch.

A great day out!

The theme for today over at 40 Acts was generosity.  I am still pondering a way of blessing another person with one of my possessions and since I have just recently had a massive clear out, the charity shop option was not an option today!  If you are interested in today's challenge then click on here



  1. Does it have to a possession? Could it be a act? Like giving someone a lift? Doing some shopping for someone whilst you do yours? Your farm visit looks great :)

    1. Great ideas! In fact I have thought of something that I can give away too :-)

  2. What a wonderful day on the farm, San! The animals are all so sweet . . the bunny so soft :) Pip must have really enjoyed herself. And you too :)

  3. Flora would have loved those animals. She always likes mother/child animals. She gets very distressed when a baby is without a mother. Even in stories.

  4. Wow! The animals in that farm are so friendly, and I guess the large bunny has grown fond of humans stroking his lovely fur by now. I do hope everyone can have another fun trip like that again, because I'm sure that farm visit will be haunting you in a good way. Thanks for sharing!

    Darren Lanphere @ Mirr Ranch Group


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