Saturday, 21 February 2015

#40 Acts ~ Clean It Up!

The kids' challenge was to change their bed linen and remake their beds.  Benedict stripped his bed upon waking and so I posted the photograph to my instagram page.  Within a short while, one of the 40 Acts team left a comment:

"Well done Benedict!  Not even 9am and he has already championed today's challenge!"

 Sleepy Head!

After breakfast Pip stripped her bed, loaded the washing machine and helped switch Benedict's sheets into the dryer.  It was then time for an adventure!  We took all of our plastic waste to the reclamation centre for recycling:

 Pip with our family friend.

"Oh no!  My hand is stuck!"

Our final challenge for the day was to pick up litter in the local neighbourhood, so we tackled the area around the children's play park:

 A Womble-ing Pip!

In between the recycling centre and litter picking we did manage a fun time at our local open farm, but I will blog about that hopefully on Sunday when we do not have any challenges :-)
Today's video link is even better than yesterday's and will appeal to the musical minded, The Clean Challenge  and if you would like to see the original salvage crew then look no further than The Wombles Of Wimbledon Common!  A favourite childhood show of mine and an Aunt very kindly made me a Madame Cholet as a Christmas present, I am sure she is still up in the loft at Mum and Dad's! 


  1. San,

    I remember the Wombles! What a lot of cleaning up you've been doing. I'm also in a cleaning, and sorting out and throwing away mood!

  2. Great and meaningful work. Good you have two fantastic helpers! California is very good with recycling, much better than NY! Even the stores have recycle trash cans.

    1. Oh, and Benedict's hair looks so red in the picture!

  3. What a lovely challenge that you are following, like Eva says such great and meaningful work. I am glad you are getting out and about, I hope that means you are all feeling a little better :). Funny I had a major clear out yesterday morning and took a few bags of stuff to the charity shop!

    1. Another lass having a clear out :-) We have enjoyed getting out but it does take its toll, currently we are having good days and in between days ;-)


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