Saturday, 21 February 2015

#40 Acts ~ Love Bomb

Today's challenge was to surprise someone and so we decided to love bomb our neighbours with chocolate rice krispie cakes!  It was great fun making them and then organising them into assorted sizes depending on the number of folk in the household.

Benedict came with me to distribute the treats and it was an opportunity to explain a little more about our challenge and the info on the packet would enable them to search on the internet if interested.
Of course the best person in giving surprises is God!  In fact Fr Gerry Hughes SJ wrote a book about a "God Of Surprises."  Even though we have only been following the challenges for just a few days, it is amazing that we have been able to bless others and provide support, friendship and encouragment at just the right moment, "It is in giving that we receive."
Take a look at today's video if you can, each day they get better and better and this one brought a tear to my eye, God is good!  Surprise!


  1. Busy hands do make a light heart. Your days are filled with love and kindness. It's a beautiful way to celebrate Lent San :) xoxo


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