Monday, 14 July 2014

Alnwick Gardens

Yesterday we visited Alnwick gardens, we visited there last year  and the kids had such a fab time it was on their list of must see places this holiday.

 On our way.

 This was the one place that we missed last year, so we made it a number one priority this time.  The  kids did very well listening to the talk, losing interest only towards the end!

  Curved beds full of beautiful but deadly plants, including aconite and belladonna, my number one go to homeopathic remedies!!

 Donation Box!

 This homeopathic medicine came in handy at the end of the day when I encountered a rather unpleasant migraine!

 Pip enjoying the cold water channels dotted around the ornamental beds.

I think Padre Pio once intoned that if God promises you a rose garden, be aware of the thorns!  You just cannot have one without the other and a very good analogy of our life circumstances right now.

Despite carrying food and drinks with us, we did succumb to a hot drink stop.  We had too, my joints were inflammed and very sore and a dose of painkillers and a caffeine hit were the order of the day.  On our way back to the car and before the rain fell, we made our way to the bottom of the cascade and the kids had fun in the water and with the diggers:

 Water Jets.

 Loving the water.

 You are never too old to ride a digger!  Benedict was really sweet and showed a child much younger than himself how to tip up and drop the front bucket :-)

Once home I managed to throw together a tea and then with another dose of meds and a cup of Earl Grey Tea, I made my way up to bed. 
(DH Note: The Earl Grey of the tea fame is the 2nd Earl Grey of Howick and he lived at Howick Hall, just 5 miles east of Alnwick, so the tea choice was quite appropriate)


  1. How nice! Earl Grey is my favorite! Now I know where it came from. Was it his idea to mix bergamot with black tea? It's such a beautiful place, San. It's good you are all getting out together. I hope you wake well and rested in the morning :)

  2. San

    What an interesting place to visit. The roses are spectacular. Oh yes! You can't have the flowers without the thorns. I love stopping for hot drinks while on holiday. It feels like a real treat stopping at a cafe rather than opening a thermos flask. Enjoy!

  3. I have heard lots about this garden but have never visited it looks and sounds really interesting. Hope your back pain has gone over night :)


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