Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Castle Douglas :: School's Out

We are now home but I thought that I would share some pictures from our time with Sara and Tom after we left Northumberland on Saturday.

 Kitchen Duty.

 Sharing a funny moment!

 Gorgeous vegetable tagine.

 View from the kitchen window.

 Our Saturday morning treat! inhouse Castle Douglas

 Lots of choice.

 Blood tests all the time.


 Raspberry creams at the back, caramel bottom left and dark whiskey bottom right.

 Inside the hub ~ the lady in the shop very kindly showed us around this small but important space.

 Chocolate moulds.

 Coffee Grinder.

Pip finished school last Thursday and it was a day full of mixed emotions.  There was the  realisation that she had actually made it through the school year and we had achieved not only managing the school run but supporting her in her learning journey and sadness at waving goodbye to a fab reception teacher, Mrs Katrina Gale.  After having worked at the school for six years she is now moving on to a deputy head post at a village school north from where we live.

  In fact she was Benedict's teacher when he started school all those years ago and that too reminded us that Benedict's contemporaries were also moving on to secondary education.  Benedict would also have been making that journey, he would have shared in Pip's first year and then moved on, but it was not meant to be.  Sometimes life instances are not of our choosing and we can often wonder why things have happened and what will be, but I am slowly learning over time that things do work out and that God's plan is infinitely better than mine :-)

I will leave you with a smiley Pip enjoying a school's out fruit smoothie and some music that was blaring in her classroom when I went to collect her on that last day.  They were watching this you tube video on the interactive white board and Pip and I have declared this to be our summer anthem:

She was super happy to be starting a school holiday and she deserved it, her end of year report was very good, clever girlie!
She also has two wobbly top front teeth, I wonder if they will be missing by September 10th?!  If so she will have to smile with her mouth closed or my sister-in-law who is the wedding photgrapher will have to air brush some in!!

 So Happy!


  1. Sara's place looks amazing, what a wonderful view to have from your window! Hope you have settled back at home after your wonderful holiday :)

  2. We also love this song. We first heard it on a different website . . they did a local dance around their village. It's here: http://figandlemon.blogspot.com/2014/04/we-are-happy-from-positano-video.html
    I think you and Pip would enjoy it! Congratulations to her on all her hard work at school this past year, and to Benedict and to you too!!!

    The return trip home and stop at Sara's looks so fun and special! They have a lovely home. The view out the kitchen window is beautiful! And all those chocolates looked delicious!

    Lots of love to all of you . .

  3. Exactly as Dorina said, the food looks good and the view is beautiful. I hope Chanda is having a good visit and the dress is making progress.


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