Saturday, 12 July 2014

Picnic Breakfast :: Tully's Tea Room :: Lovely Lunch

Pip was up bright and early at 5:30 am so by 6:00 am we were having a bagel breakfast and a cup of tea on our bed :

After her second breakfast at 9:00 am of crackers and boiled egg  both her and I sallied forth into the village for some extra provisions for lunch.  We made our way up the hill and popped into the local RSPCA charity shop where Pip bought a story book for 20p.

 Hugging a pot pooch!

 We then made our way up the hill ...

... past Vera's Flat, and on up to the Co-op shop for courgettes, pesto and refuse sacks before making our way back down to...

 Tully's Tea Room and Health Food Shop

 Once inside Pip chose a lemonade, I had a cup of tea and we shared some gluten free ginger biscuits as I am still feeling nauseous from this virus:

 The tiny tea area was seated at the back of the shop and was totally cosy and cute.  There was a magazine rack of interesting reads and whilst I sat and flipped through one of them, Pip was leafing through her new book:

 " Argh, you taking pictures again mama!"

 Pip's lemonade and our shared biscuits.

 My tea in a bone china cup.

Once home I made a start on the lunch ~ peppers and courgettes stuffed with breadcrumbs, garlic, sundried tomatoes, courgette flesh and pesto and topped with somerset brie cheese.  This was served with a baby leaf spinach salad and a yummy treat it was too.  Afterwards we shared a bowl of fruit salad.

We had hoped to venture forth on a trip round the village with Dave using Uncle Bernard's mobility scooter but the rising temperatures had affected Dave's already poor walking and the early morning start had also caught up with me and so we pottered around at home.  The kids made a den using a sheet and a few chairs, we read stories, drew pictures and I even managed a row or two of knitting in between some zzzzz's!

We have met several of our neighbours who are very kind and welcoming and the cleaner came today to pick up her phone and we had a long chat with her.  Apparantly the previous holiday folk had left the house in a terrible state and she had to draft in help to get through the work yesterday.  It was a good job we were running late and had not turned up at three o'clock as stated. In fact as we arrived just after five o'clock yesterday she had in fact just finished only minutes earlier!!

We did manage a river walk and play ground trip after tea and now both kids are sleeping peacefully ~ I am just about to follow suit, after all I could be in for another early start! x 

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  1. Pip is on the same schedule as my cats! She's also a little hobbit, just like my girls (breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch, tea and dinner . . ) Puttering about the cottage sounds like a good vacation day to me. It's nice that you have the mobility scooter for when Dave would like to use it. I hope you get some cool summer breezes and sunshine. Sending you love!


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