Thursday, 17 July 2014

Lindisfarne and Seahouses

We made it!  This time the kids were really great and engaged around the ruins and mum did not have a melt down, unlike last year! 

 On the causeway.

From the driveway.

 The entryway.


 "Hello mum!"

 Wondering if the vikings landed on this side and how long before the monks realised what was happening.


 And then we went next door to The parish church of St Mary The Virgin

 Wood carving of the monks carrying St Cuthbert's body as they flee Lindisfarne.

 Beautiful wood.

 Stained glass windows.

 Art Work in the church.

This was a whistle stop tour and after looking around the ruins and the church we had an hour before the causeway would be impassable due to a rising tide, so just enough time for a coffee stop and a peek at some of the shops:

By now we had twenty minutes left before our deadline and this is when everything went pear shaped!

Hiccup number one ~ the mobility scooter stopped dead, just as we were approaching the road to the car park.

Hiccup number two ~ I had lost my car and house keys, ack!!

So whilst Dave shambled along back to the car in order to move it and then load the defunct scooter, I ran (literally) back to the priory, church and visitor centre retracing my steps!  It was a good job I was not wearing Birkenstock Sandals, otherwise I would have been running barefoot!!

The keys were in the visitor centre and the scooter was loaded into the car, with ten minutes to spare!  It is not called a pilgrimage for nothing :-)

On the way home we stopped at Seahouses for a fish and chip supper:

 Remembering our holiday cottage from last year.

So glad to be back at the cottage safe and sound x 



  1. Wow! You are so blessed to be able to share all of this history with your children.

  2. That was a close call, San! Lindisfarne is incredibly beautiful. Did Lindisfarne and Cragside allow the children to run freely around the grounds? I think that would have been so fun for them. Your coffee looks scrumptious, and all of you must have had a good appetite for fish and chips after. Seahouses looks very pretty and the restaurant reminds me of a fish and chips place here on Long Island called Long John Silver's.

  3. I have yet to make it to Lindisfarne but would love to go. You always manage an adventure! Glad you didn't get stuck in the tide :)

  4. Do you also have six hours high tide and six hours low tide in a day? That's how it is in Germany. I still remember your trip last year. Good you found your keys. Wouldn't it be nice to live there and take your time seeing everything?

  5. What a wonderful post. Thank you. x


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