Sunday, 28 October 2012

Gratitude * Sunday

I'm joining in with Taryn for remembering the thankful moments during this past week:

An unexpected visit from a friend and a colourful autumn bouquet of flowers.

A lovely day with our home ed friends.  S made a warming selection of soups and after lunch the kids played for ages whilst the grown ups downstairs had peace and quiet, with knitting time for the ladies and computer drawing design time for the Dad!

Warming foods from the kitchen : soups, homemade vegetable base pizza, quiche, shepherd's pie and roast chicken with all the veg.

A successful cleaning day yesterday ~ thanks to everyone working together as a team the whole house is spick and span.

For the wonders of technology in particular Skype and a lovely friend who graciously gave of her time and listened to my worries about our own home school journey.  Eva if you are reading this ~ should we ever actually manage to meet in person I owe you a pot of your favourite tea and a slice of some yummy cake!

The promise of a new week ahead with definite home school plans and a bit of fun in between.


  1. there is nothing like a good friend to lend an ear. :)

  2. Hello San,
    Thanks for joining Gratitude Sunday. :)
    Lovely list.
    A spic and span house from team effort, how awesome.

    Love, Taryn

  3. I agree with the technology gratitude, for technology isn't always my favourite thing, there are some parts, like skype, that have been truly wonderful. When I had my youngest son last year, I loved being able to have him meet my brother and his family on the day he was born. I also love to catch up with friends far away, often we make our lunch and sit down together while the children nap and have a good chat!

  4. Dear San, I also enjoyed our chat yesterday. I e-mailed you the promised links and some more ideas a few hours ago. I will take you up on the food offer. Too bad our college here is not doing the London program anymore. Otherwise a visit would have been more likely in the near future.

    Love to you all,

  5. Skype is quite amazing isn't it? I love the sound of all those yummy homemade foods and especially a clean house!


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