Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Yarn Along :: Organising :: Life Skills

I'm joining Ginny and others for the weekly yarn along.  Pip's cardigan is finished minus the buttons, they'll be sewn on later today.  There was plenty of leftover purple wool so I'm knitting myself this hat.  I love the art deco inspiration and the contrast in colours on the original pattern.

I'm reading this book:
Whoops!  Wonky photograph but I can't be bothered to edit!
I've found some renewed enthusiasm for photography.  I'm currently working my way through a 31 day crash course in DSLR's and at the same time road testing Adobe Lightroom 4 on a 30 day trial.  Both are challenging for the little grey cells, especially lightroom ... it can take weeks of constant use to accomplish even the basics!
On the organisation front, I tidied the links on my side bar as the whole place had become a disorganised mess and  I've given myself a strict talking to regarding the homeschooling. I spent the morning bookmarking interactive sites for Benedict during the forthcoming weeks, as I would like him to develop the knack of independent study for part of the day.  I also had the wobbles (yet again!) regarding Pip and school but keep coming back to home being the best place, with outside activities thrown in as she gets older.  So right now I'm at peace with the whole thing ... however I can't guarantee it will remain that way! 
Benedict worked with Shein this morning.  He's built up a good rapport with her and he's making steady progress in his maths.  She also has the added bonus of a cat called Oz that comes and sits on his knee and Cartoon Network as a reward once he's finished for the morning!  Once home he made the lunch, washed, dried and put away the pots.  He also tidied his room, emptied the tumble drier and loaded the machine with another wash.  These are valuable life skills and he'll also have the added bonus of earning another badge for cubs.

Sorting and Folding.
"What on earth are these? Girly underwear?  Yuck!"
"I'd much rather fold these, my own pants!"
"Watch out! Watch out! There's a snakey sock about!!"


  1. I love the red accents on the sweater! and such cute pictures of your son!

  2. That sweater is beautiful, I will have to add it to my queue. My fingers are crossed that my little guy will someday fold clothing for me!

  3. ha ha! i love your home. it looks so cozy, and benedict is a dear. such wonderful work you are doing! i'm glad pip is still home for now because i love hearing about your days with her.

    so good you are doing the photo work! i have a dvd i bought when i first picked up my camera and i still haven't watched it! very naughty of me.

    your sidebar looks really nice and is very easy to read! i'm still working on the apartment cleaning . . it's definitely not something that can be done in a day as i'm rearranging and reorganizing. i'm also packing away . . dolls . . . ohhhhh . . . so sad???? little girls grow up too fast!!

    hugs to all of you, san. and your sweater is just gorgeous.

  4. p.s. you know what??? you do have a small kitchen area! i think it might beat mine! but you have the bonus of the washing machine. is it an all in one with a dryer also?? what brand? i so would like to get one!!! (i'm weary of running across the courtyard, though it is a nice way to meet neighbors!)

    1. Yep!! The washing machine and dryer are separate. We have Bosch for the washing machine and Zanussi for the dryer. We are moving the dryer into the front room which is also the playroom, so that I can have a much needed extra cupboard in the kitchen!!

  5. Great work, Benedict! Miriam also did the laundry today. She exchanged all the towels and washed them in the washing machine. She also put out new towels and washcloths.

    The cardigan is also nice.

    1. So they were washing together across the miles!!

  6. I need to get my act together with my dslr. I was so excited to get it and have hardly touched it :(


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