Thursday, 11 October 2012

Twenty Four Years

Not so old that he can't leave a love message that also teaches a law of Physics at the same time:

The condensation was in fact on the exterior side of the windows, thus highlighting the lack of heat loss in the new build and the chance to gabble to Benedict about condensation and the dew point.

Happy Anniversary Dear Heart ... and if any of you have done the Maths, then yes, Em and Kath were two when we married, *ahem*

We had an anniversary meal on Tuesday night and Sara our youngest of the big girls very kindly babysat.  The kids (all three of them!) had a great evening sharing some chocolate goodies and watching Toy Story 2.


Actually dressed up for a change!

A well deserved treat, sticky toffee pudding and ice-cream.


  1. Happy, happy anniversary, San and Dave! So nice you could have an evening out! That's a long marriage already, especially these days. When I saw those last two pictures I had to think that Pip looks quite a bit like you and Benedict quite a bit like Dave. It never occurred to me before. What a sweet love note!

  2. Lovely to see you yesterday, A said she had a lovely play with Pip and is looking forward to seeing her again! Many congratulations, here is to the next 24! Hope your back is healing and giving you less pain.

  3. love you san!!! congratulations to you both. your years together warm my heart :) (i have to agree with eva about the family resemblance to pip and benedict. so fun to see!)

  4. Happy anniversary San! Congratulations on your years together. I love seeing marriages celebrated for their love and longevity! What a sweet note left on your window - made me smile :o)

  5. Happy Anniversary! At least you remembered yours, Andy and I didn't remember ours until a week after it! So happy for you that you got to go out and celebrate. Much love Lorna xx

  6. Aww happy anniversary! Neither of you look old enough for 24 years, though!


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