Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A Handspun Yarn Along

A package arrived this afternoon containing the following:

78 yards of handspun Shetland & Llanwenog fleece with dyed rovings, plyed with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK to add strength ~ lovingly crafted by my very talented blogging friend Lorna.  I will have to find a special pattern worthy of such a gift, thankgoodness for Ravelry.  Her two equally talented kiddos sent a picture each for Benedict and Pip aswell as a letter for Benedict from the oldest:

Picassa is playing silly beggars tonight and will not accept my rotating the picture*. The ship is from Tallest and the butterfly is from Smallest, two very cute crafting and gardening gals... they take after their mum!  Thanks Lorna x

*DH has since seen the fault and fixed it :-)

These parcels were most welcome since we should've been at this place for a long awaited appointment for Benedict with the paediatric diabetelogist, Dr Fiona Campbell.  She is well known in her field and is particularly helpful in troubleshooting unstable diabetes.  Sadly it was not meant to be and Benedict was too sick to attend the clinic, in fact it was a case of you know something is wrong when:

he was even too sick to play with the Lego!

My current knitting project is of the small kind:

Good old baby socks, therapeutic knitting of the sweetest kind.  I'm still working on the Liesel and hopefully there'll be a finished garment by next week.  As for reading I have all sorts of books dotted around the house that I'm dipping into as the mood takes, but by far my biggest focus right now is the start of this next homeschool year!  After a lot of thought I've decided to use a Waldorf Grade Three curriculum as our base and will build on from there, hence the front page of the guide in the picture.  Thanks to one of the Waldorf Yahoo Groups I was able to access this detailed outline for free.


  1. do hope your 'little' is feeling better soon......mama can only be as happy as the unhappiest child.
    great surprise in the mail!!

  2. What beautiful yarn, lucky you. Sorry to hear that Benedict is not well, how frustrating that you did not make the appointment after such a long wait, hope you can get another appointment soon.

  3. Fantastic yarn! I hope your little one feels better and is able to go to the dr.'s app. Truly, they are too sick when they refuse legos!

  4. Glad you like it! I knew it was a good skein when I found it hard to wrap up and send in the mail :D. I hope Benedict liked his things, my big girl is not much of a wordsmith, but she draws some pretty awesome pictures. The one above illustrates just how excited she is to hear that other children read Arthur Ransome books. Dick and Dot are her favourites, what with them being in the Norfolk stories. Happy knitting. Xx lorna xx

  5. How can you knit so FAST! Charlotte's socks are still not finished, I guess we are not very talented when it comes to handwork -- or maybe just very slow.

    We didn't finish all of our third grade plans (due to Peter's absence), so maybe we will do similar things for a while. How exciting!


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