Sunday, 26 August 2012


The last two Fridays we have met with friends and done something completely different. 

Last week we went bowling with our friends from Kendal, it was the first time Pip had ever been to the superbowl and she did very well waiting her turn.  I was however glad to get away from all the noise, I don't envy anyone working in that environment, ear defenders should be a standard part of the uniform!!

This Friday we spent the afternoon at the beach with Debs and her boys.  This was our second visit during the entire summer break ... yep, the weather has been awful!

Organised excavating.
Pip fell over in the mud, thankfully we had spare clothing for her but none for Benedict, who ended up equally as muddy!!  Thankgoodness there was this place at the end of the beach:
No longer muddy but now very wet!
A trip to the cafe bar just opposite from here provided everyone with a summery treat:

A soaking wet J and a very dry Pip eating Lakes Ice Cream she was eating Wild Strawberry and he had Rich Chocolate.
It was fun and games trying to get them in the car.  Benedict was wearing a dry muddy sweatshirt and my cardigan as a skirt to protect his modesty and L her second youngest was wearing nothing but Debs' raincoat!!  By now the two of us were a heap of giggles.  I think I can safely say that, it was our best day out in along time.  THANKS DEBS!
Thanks to Sara both Benedict and Pip have also had big sister outings this week.  On Tuesday they visited the soft play area here and bounced around whilst I sorted some home school prep.  On Thursday she took them here for a play and some lunch, followed by a walk around Morecambe town and a bus ride home, Pip slept until 8am the following morning!  I could do with a pair of these for Pip, I'm pretty sure they would tire her out!!
Dave and I are flying solo this week as our biggest little girl is at Kew Gardens working on a week long volunteering project.  She is hoping to complete an internship with Kew at the end of next year when she finishes her placement at Myerscough.  The internship progamme is highly sought after with very few places, but she has had a glowing report from one of her tutors, who lectured at Kew for fifteen years, so she's in with a good chance of gaining a place.
Well I'd best sign off as our littlest girl is currently causing mayhem in the house!


  1. It does look like fun! Did Pip cry about her muddy clothes? Veronika and Flora would hate that, Miriam and Charlotte wouldn't care. Did anybody get a cold? Isn't it always the case that when you take spare clothing along, nothing happens, but if you don't, you'll need them desperately! I'm glad you found such a great solution.

    Love to all of you.

  2. Pip loves mud! Thankfully as I write they are cold free but I must admit I was a bit worried as sometimes Pip does develop a croup cough after exposure to sudden cold.

  3. Looks like they had a great time. xxx


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