Tuesday, 14 August 2012


We have actually had some sunshine in these parts, whoopee!!! and this also coincided with a spate of visiting friends and family.

To kick start the proceedings on Wednesday we had a visit from Aunty Maureen and Uncle Bryan.  Sara and Pip made some delicious cupcakes for afternoon tea:

For tea we had Aunty Maureen's leek and potato soup as requested by Benedict, followed by baked potatoes, cheese and mixed salad, with apple crumble and custard for dessert.  This was followed by the annual ritual of red currant picking:

Pip did a great job reaching into the undergrowth.

Berries for you Daddy!

On Friday we visited our home schooling friends in the north and S made a beautiful buffet lunch which was totally gluten free.  It was so lovely to know that I and the kids could eat everything on display.

Benedict helping himself.

Deep fried cheddar cheese balls, onion bhajis, rice and dill salad, mixed green salad all from the garden and coleslaw.

The kids played together really well and it was lovely to hear the little ones playing camp  upstairs in A's bedroom, she was also very tolerant when Pip insisted on wearing her Thomas pyjamas!  How on earth that girl of mine did not wilt in the heat I'll never know!

PJ's, wellies and a dress underneath in 23C heat!

On Sunday we visited our long standing friends in Crewe.  We've known these guys for over twenty years and our older girls grew up with their three boys.

You'll always find Ju and I chatting in the kitchen!

Using this book Ju made lemon and herb chicken, served with baked potatoes, green beans, carrots and a wine and onion gravy.  For dessert we had Eton Mess which is essentially crushed meringue, a selection of summer fruits served with creme fraiche and ice cream.  The kids had two treat trips that day, before lunch they visited Funsters...

... and after lunch they dragged Ju and Dave's youngest lad to the steam railway:

The two dads also had a great time talking all things steam!

On Monday we visited  our parents in Cumbria.  We had lunch with my mum and dad and the kids as always gravitated towards the Lego.  Grandad is normally on helping duty but on that afternoon he was playing in a bowls match at one of the local public houses:

We thought it hilarious that he was wearing a sponsered by T-shirt.  The Latin translation is: He conquers who conquers himself.

Our next stop was to visit Dave's mum and dad.  Pip is most definitely grandad's shadow, whereas when she's with my parents it's my mum she follows.

Just like the others, she had to have a sit on grandad's motorbike, complete with the obligatory wearing of the biking helmet:

and of course grandad had no option but to ride pillion:

"Come on grandad we're going for a ride!"

We've had a quiet at home day today, good job too as I was completely shattered from sharing the driving.  In between enjoying the warming rays of the sun I managed to make some meals for the freezer in addition to our planned meals for today.


  1. Wow, what a busy week. It was lovely to catch up with you and to be blessed with such a sunny day. Thank you for your lovely words.

  2. Certainly looks like you have had a busy and fun time San ;o) We've enjoyed the few sunny days too! They help to cope with all the rain we've had this year! Love the pic of Pip running about outside in the Thomas pj's - very cute.

  3. Blimey San, I'm exhausted just reading all that :) I never did get the post off, tomorrow I promise, there's big plans afoot and it's been eating into my (scarce) spare time.


  4. Sounds like you've had a (busy) lovely week! Those currants are pretty- I've never seen any in real life before.

  5. So nice that you finally got some sun! You must have taken ours. It's raining here and cold. I have to agree with Sarah, you rarely see red currants in this country. They were illegal in NY for many years! My mom always made red currant jelly (and apple jelly) in the summer/fall that lasted a whole year. They are so common in Germany . . .

  6. hello san, (strange to have red currants be illegal in ny! i suppose there is a story there?) and i love apple jelly.

    well, i do think it's wonderful that you had some sun. and the visits were wonderful (as was the food!). i haven't done much cooking or baking at all. perhaps, because my kitchen is so hot and does not have a window! (my kingdom for a window!)

    it sounds like all of you are well. enjoy the sunny days . . sending a big hug . . xoxo .. dorina

  7. what a lot of lovely family time and enjoying the company of good friends. The best days i say! xx


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