Sunday, 29 July 2012

When Life Hands You Lemons...

... remember to make lemonade!!

My Liesle cardigan is on its third frogging back exercise!  The first time I was tanked up on pain medication and totally knit the wrong size... I could've sworn I saw pigs flying that day!

 The second time I reached the part when I divided for the arms and was merrily knitting away only to realise I had made a glaring error in the pattern.  This is a pattern so simple that only involves one real pattern row and the remaining three are basically two knit rows followed by a purl row.  Not exactly rocket science, but sometimes the simplest things can be the most challenging, you see it's all too easy to let your mind wander during the monotony and before you know it, BAM!  your knitting is in a mess.

Just now as I was  thinking yeah I've cracked it I looked back at the instructions and then at the garment and oh dear, where are the buttonholes?!!!  It was a good job I'd been listening to this sermon:

So I smile and think, OK there's a lesson or two in here for me ... keep my mind on my work including God's will for me and to PERSEVERE AND GIVE THANKS IN ALL THINGS.


  1. hello san, i always run into problems when i begin the arm on the liesl. it's because i usually pick up the stitches thinking of the inside as the right side. i'm hoping that the next one i begin i manage to get through this part without my usual angst!

    i also no longer do the buttonholes. 1) i never mastered ysolda's buttonholes; 2) even the yarn over button holes i tried to replace ysolda's with looked rather sloppy. what do i do now? i use a shawl pin.

    you're not alone in these frustrating mess-ups!!! good luck!

    (morgana has a beautiful sweater she started a year ago. however, she made a mistake on the sleeve and it's too narrow. she asked, "what should i do, mommy?" "what do you think?" "ummm, i don't want to take it all out." and so it still sits today!!! congratulations to you for having the courage to rip out and begin again. it's not easy!!!! i'll have to try and get morgana moving on that sweater again this year! i think i'll have her read your post to give her confidence.)

    1. Thank you dear Dorina for your sharing, I'm glad I'm not the only one to make mistakes!!

      Sympathies too for Morgana and encouragement to rip out the sleeve and start again *smiles*


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