Friday, 13 July 2012

This Week

On Monday we had a visit from Uncle Andrew and Aunty Catherine.  We always have a lovely time when they visit and they certainly liven up the place with there jois de vivre and rightly so considering she is French!

Aunty Catherine and Pip playing the Manic Martians game.

 Uncle Andrew and Pip playing chase on the scooters!

Benedict was still struggling from off the wall blood readings so Tueday was a write off workwise.  His concentration was at an all time low and I was exhausted from several disturbed nights troubleshooting basal rates and high blood sugars.

On Wednesday he spent the morning with Shein, working on various maths problems and after lunch both he and Sara walked into town and back.  They had a variety of errands one of which was slippers for Benedict, not a pair were to be found!  Apparantly it's supposed to be summer so they will not be stocking any until the autumn. If that is the case why has  the heating been on and soups and casseroles have been a mainstay?!!  We also celebrated St Benedict's day with a tea time treat of a roast chicken dinner followed by a shortbread pudding with apples and butterscotch sauce.  After tea Benedict took part in the end of year Cub sports followed by a sausage sizzle barbeque.  He certainly had a healthy appetite that day!

Yesterday we visited family.  Kathryn our lovely daughter came up trumps with a super home cooked lunch:  Beefburgers, garlic wedges and mixed salad, followed by pancakes filled with raspberries and custard.  Totally yummy!

  We then took the kids to the park and they had a good run around the adventure playground.

Still on the go despite having spent an hour charging around!

  By then it was time to visit my mum and dad for tea and as requested the kids had there favourite nanna meal of egg and chips!  I'd taken their jammies and after a bath we headed home.  Pip nodded off in the car and thankfully remained asleep even as I carried her into the house and popped her in bed.  An answer to prayer, Thank you God!

Today has been a busy day in the home school classroom.  Benedict has completed work in the following subject areas:

Maths:  Two maths factor online lessons and work sheets on odd and even numbers.

Independent Reading:  Swallowdale by Arthur Ransome.

Design and Technology:  Benedict has shown an interest in taking part in the young architects competition organised by the Telegraph newspaper.  He has completed his drawing and just needs to answer the associated questions.

Science:   He has worked on several questions relating to his study of fossils.  This necessitated him re-reading the information and finding the relevant answers.

History Narration : We read from this book "The Vikings, Fact and Fiction: Adventures of young Vikings in Jorvik."
In amongst the historical facts the book contains four seasonal stories and the first was entitled " Spring - A New Friend." Benedict narrated the story.

Faith:  We worked some more on preparation for the sacrament of reconciliation. We read from the story about the paralysed man and had to identify Jesus' first words to the man, which were " Your sins are forgiven my friend." We talked about the importance of forgiveness and being right with God over and above any physical healing that might be needed. Our bodies decay but our soul lives on forever and preparing ourselves for a life herafter is far more important than the here and now.

Working on his young architects drawing.

Pip has also been a busy bee.  This morning she went into town with Sara.  They travelled by bus and Pip walked across town to the various places on their list.  One of the places was the library to return some books and instead of borrowing Benedict's card, Pip enrolled for her first ever library card!  She had great fun choosing her own books and when we were having quiet time after tea, she was actually trying to read the words under each picture!

Having observed Benedict throughout the day working on his various subjects, Pip announced that she too wanted to do some fun sheets and she completed the following before bed: recognising the number one, matching pairs, recognising pattern and order and colouring in various objects red.  She also had fun earlier in the week making robot boxes from an art magazine and here they are:

A pleased as punch Little Miss PJ. 

Tomorrow Benedict has his Cub summer trip to Happy Mount Park.  I'm hoping the weather will be better than today.  The park itself contains a splash park, so it will be swimming trunks and towel if it is warm and a jumper and waterproof if not!


  1. So many visits and good food with relatives! You are so lucky to have everybody close by. I think my relatives here are all our neighbors!

    You are also accomplishing lots of school stuff! I think I never told you that your end-of-the-year report looked totally impressive! Our school work has been very low key for a while now. Too many interruptions and too hot! This is the hottest July on record Jonathan has informed me!

    I will send you some or our heat for tomorrow.

  2. Wow what a busy week, you made me feel exhausted just reading it. I hope you are feeling a little better now. We're looking forward to catching up soon!

  3. Wow, I am so in awe at what you manage to achieve in your week, well done, lots of love and peace, Julie x

  4. What a week! Hope Benedict is loving Swallowdale, I'm working my way through the books with the Tallest, although inevitably her favourites are Coot Club and Big Six, what with having the actual places that the stories took place in on our doorstep!

    Heres hoping that next week is just as productive.

    Lorna xx

    p.s. She's still working on some masterpieces, I hope they'll be in the post next week.

    p.p.s. I have a chicken in my back room! (You really wanted to know that didn't you?!)

  5. Oh my you've been busy!! Good luck to Benedict with the Telegraph competition, I love his design :) How lovely that your Pip has her first ever library card, I still remember mine...she is really looking grown up (great robots too!) Good luck with the slipper search - I've had a similar issue trying to find an anorak! xx

  6. hello san, i wish i could box up some of our sunshine and hot weather for you. i can't believe you had the heat on! your meals sound delicious, and even though benedict missed some work days, it sounds like you've accomplished a lot!

    congratulations to pip. the library is always a favorite place of ours :)



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