Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Our science this week has focused on fossils and apart from reading about them, there was a chance to "make your own fossil" using modelling clay and plaster of Paris:

Preparing the clay.

Using a shell to make the imprint.

Clay Imprint.

Cardboard ring to contain any spillage.

Mixing the plaster of Paris.

Waiting for the cast to dry.

The finished "fossil" colourfully decorated and now in our seasons corner at the top of the stairs.

Our geography topic this forthcoming week is all about the weather.  Benedict is obsessed in trying to predict the weather, especially if it is likely to rain!  Living in the North we've had nothing but rain!!  So we'll be using some downloads from a primary geography site aswell as some cool resources found on pinterest.  Between the two, there should be enough information to keep him happy.


  1. What a great activity! I bet he really enjoyed it.

  2. i love your lessons! it's a beautiful fossil :)

    how fun to try and predict the weather!


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