Thursday, 5 July 2012

Brave Boy

Benedict had a clinic appointment today and in amongst the usual questioning, weighing and monitoring was the dreaded yearly blood tests.  I think we missed last year because he was so traumatised from the previous year but there was no getting away from it this time, it had to be done. 

 Typically I had no aconite or arnica in my bag but I did have some Bach Rescue Remedy but even that did little to quell the mounting anxiety.  I sat him on my knee and tried distracting him, but his heart was pounding and my heart went out to him.  The only thing that cheered him was the promise of lunch at Sainsbury's and the chance to buy a small box of Lego to add to his already huge collection.  Thankgoodness these tests are not a regular occurence, it has been a costly day!

Having his blood pressure taken at the end of the ordeal.

In spite of everything it was a perfect reading!

Well done Benedict Bear for being so brave x 


  1. Aw well done Benedict, what a trying day for both of you. xx

  2. Good for both of you! You made it through! What a relief!

  3. So glad Benedict made it through the test, he sounds like dh when it comes to tests!

  4. Well done on being so brave - my boy is much bigger and he wouldn't have been that brave!
    Good news about the perfect readings, too x I hope the lego is good!

  5. It's so hard to see them anxious. He did very well it looks like. I'm visiting from Pam's {via Sarah's}. I would love for you to stop by Suscipio {} on Monday and link up with a Monday Daybook/Musings/Minutes/Catholic Woman's Almanac. Hope to see you over there!

  6. he does look so strong and brave sitting there! i can feel the relief flowing off of him that all is over and done with.

    and brave, strong mama too :) so glad the reading was good!!!

    hugs and love,


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