Thursday, 23 February 2012

Round These Parts.

I think we've all been suffering from the February Blahs, so we've walked away from formal desk work and generally pottered around the home.  The extra rest has been greatly appreciated and I'm hopeful that we'll be back on track by the start of next week.  Here are some pictures of these past days:

 {Garden Time}

{More Valentine Crafts}

All you need is pipe cleaners.

A tub of assorted beads and a ...

... whole heap of patience...

... and concentration.

One satisfied crafter and ...

... a ta-dah moment.

The bead craft idea was courtesy of this blogging mama over on here:

so thanks Joxy for sharing this. 

{Park Day}

On Sunday Pip attended her first ever birthday party and after an initial bout of hanging onto to my legs she soon joined in and had fun.  Whilst we were there we met another home edding family and will hopefully be meeting them on Tuesday, at a large indoor soft play area near to us.  I'm not holding my breath that things will work out as we've been let down so many times before but as they say "nothing ventured, nothing gained" so fingers crossed.  Whilst Pip was doing her thing, Benedict and Dave went to the big park in town and Benedict had fun riding his bike up and down the very steep hill:

At the start.

 Gathering Speed.

Wobble, wobble on the way back up.

Easier to get off and walk, this is great fun!

Until you've done this over and over again!

Time for a well deserved tea break and one of mum's banana oat cookies eaten discreetly in the cafe!

{Museum Monday}

It was raining and pouring and we were thoroughly fed up so after lunch we visited the:

It provided a welcome distraction for the afternoon and as always the museum staff are very child friendly and keen to help in any way possible.  Here are some pictures from the visit:

 At the start of the trail playing with the shells.

Learning about the different knots.

One of the curators telling a story of daring do from the old days.

The Get Knotted display.

Smelling and Guessing.

From the left: Rum, Coffee Beans and Tobacco.

All togged up and ready to work on our local gas terminal.

How they used to travel in the olden days.

As always on the weeks when I feel very little has been achieved, I look back and am often surprised by how much we do manage.  In addition to the above we've also had two maths sessions this week and watched two educationally related documentaries.  I'm off now to play a non competitive board game with Benedict it can be found here:


  1. It's great when you write things out and it seems like a lot more than you thought! :) I think you always seem to get a lot done, especially in the circumstances. I hope your sick days are done with for now. xxx

  2. Benedict is a great bike rider! He should teach Miriam to become more confident! We also went to a museum to get out of the house. Yours looks indeed interesting, lots of different things to discover. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday.

    1. It's a deal as long as Miriam can help him with his "school work!"

    2. Too bad we can't really try this!

  3. I love the hearts, so pretty! Your days out look like great fun xx

  4. beading is so fun, and my girls also love learning about knots. i think your days look wonderful, and like eva, i wish we could sometimes join you! so . . the february blahs . . that's what i have! chanda is practicing violin right now, and i'm trying to get dinner on and blog at the same time. what i really want to do is just crawl into bed, read a little dickens (a tale of two cities) and go to sleep :) thanks for sharing your days. i love reading about them. (aren't coffee shops great! many times we've discreetly eaten homemade sweets with our tea!)

  5. Lovely pictures, I love the hearts too! x


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