Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Not Entirely Idle

I've been quiet in this blogging space and that has been good.  It's nice to walk away from the computer now and then and be quiet and still.  My evenings might be fairly peaceful at the moment but our days have been busy with tidying and sorting, errands, appointments and helping a friend in need when the good Lord gives us a nudge to do so!  So without further ado here is our view of this past week:

 The Lent Path was finally finished.

We had a trench dug in the lawn and filled with soak away membrane and gravel for drainage.

Those poor guys worked tirelessly in the rain and we kept them fortified with hot tea.

Ready to re-lay the turf.

Job Finished.

Pip trying out the exercise bike!  It's a great way of improving one's fitness and I've already improved my fitness level in just under a week.

We've played card games in the evening just before story time and bed.

Springtime Colour.

Space Man Benedict.

An almost finished lap book.

Benedict needs to finish his pilot bio underneath his picture.

The back pocket is full of pictures.

Finally blocked a shawl which will be a birthday gift to a friend.

Our first teatime treat under the moon.

Pip kept looking for the man in the moon.

A visit from Nanna and Grandad H.

Train spotting with Daddy.

A train ride with Daddy and a ...

... a stop in the refreshment rooms before donning a drivers cap...

... and taking control of the track!

It's hard to believe that another week is whizzing by.  We are still a bit slow in the home school department but I am ever hopeful we'll turn things around over the next few days.


  1. So glad you here you are all OK! :) Looks like another productive week to me. And the shawl is beautiful. Not to mention the gorgeous children... :)

  2. Darling headband. :)

    And a lovelly week!

  3. I meant "lovely week". Of course. :)

  4. I thought you were just taking it easy and didn't feel like homeschooling anymore :).

    I missed your posts and am glad you are back! Jonathan would have loved to see your trains. We spent so many hours in London just looking at trains with him. Trains are pretty rare in this country! Did Pip find the man in the moon? Do you know the book Peter and Anneli's Journey to the Moon? It's a lovely book about two children traveling to the moon and actually seeing the man in the moon. It would be too difficult for Pip, but Benedict would enjoy it. It's a German classic. Great knitting and lapbook! Is that a new exercise bike?

  5. Thanks for the hellos!

    Yes, Eva the exercise bike is new, Dave suggested we put a map of Britain on the wall and we "cycle" from one end to the other!!! It might take us some time though!!

    San x

  6. we just dug a trench in our yard too...hopefully we will be planting grass over it soon...and maybe even seeing some yellow color too!
    your pictures are fun to look at!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  7. When you are through with Great Britain, you could try the U.S.!


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