Thursday, 16 February 2012

{Pretty Happy Funny Real}

Joining Aunty Leila over on here: 


Big Sister Kath/Youngest Twin (eldest twin in the background picture) and baby sister.

A very large Valentine bouquet for Kath from her beau Steve. Inter flora must have done a roaring trade that day!


Happily counting coins with Grandad H

Happily Digging.

 Happy Lego Spaceship  Building...

... complete with pull down staircase and star wars storm trooper in the background.

Happily baking with Mummy.

Yummy Banana Coconut Oat Cookies with Chocolate Chips.


 Arabian Knights perchance? or...

... a Jedi warrior... it's amazing what you can do with a couple of muslin squares!


Lego, Lego everywhere but thanks to the green storage trays it is an easy job to tidy up! 

A big thanks also to my friend Eva.

  This gal has helped me in so many ways since we began our blogging friendship well over a year ago.  Through her faithful postings I've gained insight and helpful links, she has blessed me with her words of encouragement and loving prayers and when I've been at a loss she's given her time through email contact too. 

  So it is entirely due to her that we used lap books as a means of learning this past week.  Benedict and I were both worn out from sickness management but I was acutely aware that, we also ideally needed to be doing "something".  Working on the long forgotten space lap book totally fitted that bill and I'm pleased to report that we have made good progress.

Information hunting.

 Colouring the space man for the front cover.

We also worked on our Valentine gifts once again Eva's Valentine blog post gave me the link I needed:

Home made matchboxes.

A box in progress.

 Paper Dali very kindly provided the St Valentine picture and the front cover verse.

As a passing nod to our Age of Grace Curriculum Benedict worked on some independent crafting of his own:

Construction in progress... totally love it that he still opens his mouth when cutting with scissors!!

One free form paper castle designed and constructed by Benedict.

I've learnt a lot these past few weeks of continued sickness, the primary lesson being that, learning can and does assume many forms.  All things considered, I think we're doing just fine.


  1. hello san, i'm so glad i can come and read your blog :) it's full of love and hope. i feel the same way about eva. she has inspired me to be more organized, diligent, and creative about our lessons. i used to be at such a loss of what to do.

    i love the make believe play and the paper constructions! and the photo with big sister. it's wonderful to see your beautiful older ones.


    thanks so much for all your warm words and support about the trees.

  2. Dear San and Dorina, what unexpected nice words I found here. I feel greatly humbled and honored by them, especially since I am, too, a work in progress! I'm so glad that some of my discoveries are useful for you! San, I'm always amazed at how you keep going in spite of all your daily problems and often display a sense of humor about it! Dorina, I love all the energy and spontaneity on your blog! And you both always have delicious food -- even though I cook a little bit differently. Very inspiring! You two have become great blogging friends and I'm always eager to find out what life is like for you.

    San, your pictures are lovely. Kath and Pip are so cute! Yes, she must be loved by her boyfriend. Benedict and Pip are a great pair on the couch. The picture reminds me of Jonathan when he was little. He would take a basket (with handle) and put it on his head like a hat. He then would be a firefighter or a "little electricity man" as he called himself and drive in his imaginary engine. We used to live in North Carolina and he and his friend would plzy this game together. We are still in contact with this friend -- he attends the local Waldorf school there.

    Sending you a big hug and thank you again!

  3. What a lot of things you've been up to :) I love the Lego spaceship, and the castle, and the matchbox. Everything, lol! And hey, I do that open mouth when using scissors thing too, I think it must be vital for concentration! Hope you have a good weekend xx


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