Thursday, 9 February 2012

{Pretty Happy Funny Real}

My first attempt at joining in with Aunty Leila over on here:

All the shots below were taken in one morning:


 Sweet Face and a Pretty Embroidered Dress.


 Happily Colouring.

 A Cacophony of Colour

 Happily Concentrating.


 Removing the paper from the crayons and then...

... snapping then in half... sigh


Using said crayons to draw on the hallway wall!  Thankfully both crayons and wallpaper were washable!


  1. Lol that is EXACTLY what Roo would have done, and my walls aren't washable! Little monkeys! Pip is *very* pretty though (and happy). :)

  2. Thanks Sarah I had fun putting this post together!

  3. oh my goodness, san. snapping those crayons is just too funny. i remember those days very well. and i do miss them! and i still have drawings on my linen closet doors :O maybe i'll take a picture of them one day!

    good health and hugs to you xoxo (i'm finally feeling better today, hope you are too!)

  4. Pip reminds me of Charlotte when she was that age: the same look on her face, the same haircut, but she didn't write on the walls. However, Flora does! She prefers ball point pen, though. Lovely photo documentation.

  5. Pip is just SO cute! I love her little face - I'm sure she needed all that adorable cuteness when she drew on the wall -lol.
    I've nominated your blog for two awards San - love your writing and always enjoy my visit here. Details are on my blog - please do not feel pressured to accept them ;o)

  6. Looks like fun, you are an inspiration, such a caring mum. x

  7. Isn't she cute!! Very glad that's washable, too.


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