Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Trouble Shooting

I was working the twilight/middle of the night shift last night.  In the past forty eight hours I've re-set basal rates throughout a continuous period, which has meant two hourly blood testing both day and night... very tiring for me, whilst Benedict has been  totally unaware of the seriousness of it all, thank God!

I had hoped to cover at least the basics this morning but by 10:00am it was increasingly obvious that this would not be the case.  Benedict was totally unable to focus on anything  requiring a surge of brain energy, so we cut our losses and visited our local nature reserve and he read another Secret Seven book on the car journey and whilst waiting for our baked potato lunch.

After lunch we popped into collect more wood from our friends near the nature reserve.  We had hoped to catch sight of them but they must have been in the woodlands at the back of the house, still Benedict had great fun examining animal tracks with his new magnifying glass/ compass and I enjoyed snapping some of the delights in their garden!

 Cafe Reading.

 Ginger and treacle cake for dessert.

At the feeding station.

Snow drops on snow covered ground.

 Garden Ornaments including...

... a very elegantly dressed scarecrow named Isabelle!

Bird tracks on the drive.

I'm currently still on two hourly checks, so it's likely to be midnight before I can make an assessment as to what type of night I'll have. 

Some people do this:

There's a likelihood I'll be joining them this evening only it'll be from my own lounge!

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  1. hello san, i don't know if your cough and sore throat have been able to heal with your busy nights . . i hope so. or, i hope soon. i think the nature preserve was a fabulous idea. it looks wonderful. so nice to see the snow drops and animal tracks. here's to a sleep-filled night . . not a couch surfing one . . as interesting as that may sound! sending hugs and healthy vibrations your way, dorina.


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