Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Yarn Along and Baking

I'm finally organised enough this week to join in with Ginny:

  so here is a finished article, one in progress and some reading material:

 A shalom cardigan just for me - the ends need weaving in and a button is waiting to be attached, but in essence it is finished.  It was a lovely knit to do and the yarn is an Eco Chunky by Patons, very soft and very warm.

 Close up of the twisted rib effect yoke.

 Slouch hat - wool by Quince and Co. 

I'm road testing this wool using a small pattern and if it washes well, will use it to make another cardigan for me.  I actually had this hat three quarters made and as a result of taking it along to the monthly make and cake, made an error which for me could not be rectified, hence it being frogged back to the ribbing!!!  This is a great pattern but definitely not one to be undertaken when tired or distracted!

Colour is Marsh.

I'm re-reading this book, it has some lovely Advent hints and reflections and it is a soothing bedtime read.

At our last make and cake amongst the many delicious tea time treats were some coffee and walnut scones, these were the only gluten containing food not available for me to eat.   They looked delicious and I promised myself I would make a batch sometime soon, so here they are:

 They are essentially a scone recipe adapted with gluten free flour and plenty of xantham gum and baking powder, as well as ground walnuts.  The topping is a coffee butter cream icing and a half walnut adds the finishing touch.


  1. Terrific projects. The sweater and hat are lovely. Hope the hat goes smoothly now-- it is so disappointing to rip out.

    Your gluten free scones look delicious.

    Have a great day!

  2. Oh wow, to have something that you have done for yourself, that is quite an achievement! And looks lovely too. I'm always making something, but it's always for someone else, I never seem to have that much of an incentive to stick with doing something for me!

  3. Marsh is a great name for that yarn!

  4. Yet another Momma who has made herself something! Why do I never make me anything?? I love the cardi, it is lovely and those stitches, oh my : ) Thanks for sharing and commenting <3

  5. Beautiful and warm I bet. Happy reading! :-)

  6. the sweater is gorgeous!!!!!!!! and i'm so envious . . you've been working with quince wool! i have so many projects going on. i told myself i couldn't use quince until i finished them, but that may take years! do you think . . ? maybe . . ? santa claus will bring me some quince yarn? even though i haven't finished my many projects?!

    the scones look delicious and your book read is special for this time of year. last year i was reading christmas stories from the everyman's library before going to sleep. i think i will follow in your footsteps and find an advent/christmas book for me for a nighttime read. thanks for posting about it :)


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