Sunday, 13 November 2011

Snapshot Blessings

We've had a disjointed week in these parts, a birthday celebration and a day spent errand running changed the home school rhythm. By Friday afternoon we were done with formal stuff and cut class to watch our Matilda film, the read along was finished just the day before!  Here are some pictures from Tuesday morning, where Dad and Benedict followed through with medieval studies in a hands on way:

Building a trebuchet.

Dad's workshop proving to be very useful!

Working hard.

 The finished result.

Wednesday was Sara's birthday so once Benedict had spent the morning working with Shein, a gang of us headed off to a very nice restaurant for her 22nd birthday celebrations:

Opening presents first thing, hence the pyjamas!

Nanna H listening intently to Mr Chatterbox!

My yummy salad.

Little Miss PJ kept announcing she was, "very hungary!"  She ate everything including dessert.

 Sara enjoying a burger with side salad and chips.

My gluten free dessert, you cannot beat the good old meringue as a coeliac friendly sweet.

 Dave's dad telling a tall tale!


Thursday was our errand and be out of the house day, as my neighbour and friend Yvonne was coming to clean.  We came home to a sparkling house and plenty of dirty cloths in the washing machine!!  No matter how hard I work cleaning the entire house is beyond my physical abilities, so I keep the bathroom and kitchen in order in addition to daily cooking, washing, teaching and nursing.  Fair do's I'd say.

On Friday we used the montessori manipulates to aid sequencing of large numbers.  They were an invaluable help and prevented boredom and frustration from creeping in.  Our Friday film afternoon was a great hit and is likely to be repeated once we finish our new current reader, which is "Little House on The Prairie".  We might have to search you tube for an episode to watch.

Speaking of you tube, I thought I'd leave you with a link to an artist I discovered this week via a friend at prayer group.  This song in particular is one of my favourites and indeed might just be an anthem song for me!

Be blessed San x 


  1. Loved that song and video - thanks for that San. What a blissful idea....
    I loved your week, and the sight of that pavlova too - mmmm.
    Thank you so much for the sweet birthday message you left for James - it touched my heart. Bless you. xxx

  2. hello san, happy happy birthday! what a special day. sara is a beautiful girl. you must feel so warm inside just contemplating how the time has gone by and how she's grown into such an amazing person. i have two birthdays coming up . . all these scorpios!!!! they keep us humble . . well, they keep me humble (ahem!).

    benedict's trebuchet is very cool! and i've learned a new term :) i also have to agree that keeping a house or an apartment clean is not an easy task. i need to tackle my bathroom, well, the shower. for the past few months it seems i can never get to the bathroom in one try; it's the toilet bowl one day, the sink another day, and one of these days . . the shower. my friend, who has a brownstone, has a wonderful woman come in to clean every two weeks and she loves it. she has five children and three floors . . three bathrooms! help is appreciated :O

    blessings to you and your lovely family!

  3. Happy birthday, Sara! Jonathan once built a trebuchet at our local Waldorf school during summer camp. It was a really big one for outdoors. He loved it. Great that Dave could do this project with Benedict.

  4. Thank you all for kind words and birthday wishes.

  5. The trebuchet is excellent, I'm hoping to get my kids into wood working more next year, although my daughter is always interested when I make things, especially the "tool box" I'm making, which bares more than a passing resemblance to a dolls house :-)
    I had to try and divert her attention some how.

    Glad you had a great birthday to.


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