Sunday, 27 November 2011

Saturday Tea and a Date Night

Our quick and easy tea was this:

 Chorizo, Mushroom and Cheese Pizza.

Our date night consisted of a stop at the McDonald's drive through for coffee, fries and ice cream to share, followed by a stop on the promenade.  We  braved blustery winds and  the following are a reminder of our time together:

The Midland Hotel all decked in Christmas finery.  The hotel is 1930's art deco and has taken many years to restore.  An Agatha Christie "Poirot" film was shot here and the sweeping staircase is meant to be magnificent.  I'm hoping we'll manage an afternoon tea here before too long.

I'm pleased with the shots as this was my first attempt at shooting from the tripod and using the timer mechanism.  Little by little I'm finding my way around the different camera settings and as always it is an interesting learning curve.  My yearly challenge begins next week when the December Photo Project starts.  If you want to take part then check out the web page here:


  1. Good pictures, night pictures are always tricky. When do you have tea? Around 4 o'clock? Do you have a later meal then at night?

  2. We use the word tea loosely... it can mean a snack of cake and sandwiches around three but can also be another way of referring to the evening meal.


  3. beautiful nighttime shots! i'll check out the photo project, but my camera is currently on the blink. (your pizza looks delish!) (and your date sounds nice :)


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