Thursday, 25 August 2011

Yarn Along - The Late Edition!

Once again I'm joining Ginny and others in a knitting showcase.  This entry is late for me as I was stuck in bed from lunchtime with an awful migraineIn the past I've managed to sleep them off but  those of late have been too painful/sickening so I used my time wisely and finished some baby knitting!  

Without further ado here is my contribution:

The knitting project on the needles is a cardigan for Pip and the pattern link is over here on ravelry: 

The project is knit in one piece and involves 265 stitches in the first instance and obviously is not a quick knit!  I'm now at the stage of decreasing across the row and sectioning the work into three parts, from here on in it should get a bit easier.

The other piece of completed knitting is for a newly delivered mum of a baby boy.  I'm involved in a cyber community of mums who are providing regular gifts and messages of support to this gal, who has been recently diagnosed with a serious medical condition.  I hope my contribution raises her spirits.  Here it is on its own:

The  vest is my go to favourite, The Milo by Georgie Hallam and the bootees are a BSJ inspired knit.  Both patterns can be found on Ravelry.

My current reading is "A Mother's Rule Of Life" by Holly Pierlot.  I'm on my sixth reading of the book and as of yet have not managed to implement any of the suggestions in the book!!  Not as a result of my own inefficiency I hasten to add, but external factors within the family, maybe this time it might be different.

As always go check out Ginny and the others at:

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  1. Oh, your knitting is lovely! I find it discouraging at times, when I am doing something with so many stitches in a row - with two little ones, I find it so hard to get anything done when it takes me so long.


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