Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Joining Ginny and others for this week's yarn along:

I abandoned last week's fairy princess cardigan as I wasn't happy with the overall design, in particular the method for setting in the sleeves.  The thought of no knitting on the needles filled me with dread (I guess I have become addicted to yarn!!) so I managed to find this pattern late last night:

Admittedly it is officially a "boy type vest" but I reckon it will look super cute knitted in pink/cream stripes with orange edging, well that is my hope anyway!  I now can definitely see the benefits of having more than one project on the go, so I think a Christmas knitted gift list is now in order.

Not much focused reading going on at this end, I'm still trying to work out a workable home learning rhythm and am dipping into various reading resources focused on that task in hand.

Wednesday is Library and errand day so we chose our books for the week, then I realised I had forgotten our cards but thanks to the wonder of "Big Brother" technology the librarian was able to check out our books via the system, phew!!  During our visit Benedict had a hypo so I treated him with the usual fast acting sugar and we then stopped at Sainsbury's cafe for a quick and relatively cheap lunch.  The kids were still raring to go so our last stop before home was a trip to our local park for a swing, slide, rock and runaround.

We have resorted to one child friendly programme so that Dad and I can drink a cup of tea in peace!

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  1. I love that little sleevless sweater. I think it will look stunning in pink and cream stripes. can't wait to see your progress ;o)

    Shirley Ann


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