Monday, 29 August 2011

Bike Riding and Den Building.

Having spent the last two nights waking with horrendous nightmares and worrying about the health and safety of family members, I decided enough already! and set about changing my proposed activities for the day. This morning  I took Pip to our recently refurbished local park and we watched the birds, listened to the breeze through the trees, counted seven passing trains and swung high and low on the big round swing.

After lunch Sara, Pip and I rode to our local Sainsbury store  a two mile round trip.  It was a first for me to have Pip on the bike seat and apart from an initial wobble as we were setting off, I settled into a comfortable rhythm. The ride back was quite arduous as the gears were not behaving and with that and a strong oncoming wind, my heart had a thorough workout!  I was very glad to be home and Sara was a great bike companion encouraging me on.

Whilst we were away Benedict worked on another complex Lego model and  some impromptu den building, in other words a great excuse to potter in Dad's workshop!  We had leek and courgette quiche with roasted asparagus for tea and by 7pm Pip was fast asleep, I think the fresh air had worn her out.

 Lego designing and building.

Only Benedict knows what is going on in this grand scheme!

A cheeky Miss P eating her tea.


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  2. Haha love the den building. Child wielding drill, a familiar sight! :)


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