Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Benedict swam the width of the pool unaided, yes!!  So pleased was he with his achievement that, during "play time" he just wanted to keep on swimming.

Pip had her first ever trip to the "fwimming baths" on Monday.  Terrible I know, she's two and a half and up until that point had not been swimming, let's just say "life stuff" totally got in the way.  Big sister Sara took her to the pool as I've been up to my eyes in paperwork, but I have hope that, I'll be joining them at the end of the week, even though my idea of fun does not include the word "swimming"

 Another first for Pip included a trip on mum's bike, only ... yes you guessed it, Sara was riding the bike!  Like, I say, I've been snowed under with that, folding white stuff.  I've tried having Pip on the bike seat, but my centre of gravity is off beam, so I'm hoping to pull her in the trailer tot once Dave finishes working on the wheels.  If all else fails, I'll buy a trike for me with a child seat attached!

Our last "first" is our tye-dyeing craft afternoon, it's amazing what you can do with rubber bands, a pot of dye, a batch of salt and a washing machine!

Togged up and ready to go.

Rubber band tying.

 All knotted and ready to dye.

Ta- Dah!  Circles...
 ... more circles and ...

... stripes.
As I write we have another batch of firsts brewing on the stove, Sara is in the processes of making her first ever batch of fruit leathers using the damsons, apples and pears from our garden.  Hope fully there will be some pictures and a progress report by tomorrow. 

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