Tuesday, 21 September 2010

This and That

The highlight of last week was Benedict's investiture as a Beaver Scout.  He did very well saying his promise and eventually managing the three fingered salute!

Getting ready.

"Hurry up Dad this chocolate treat looks tasty!"

A few weeks ago Benedict was also a worthy recipient of another choc fest, when he learnt to ride his bike.  Here he is hiding behind a mountain of hot chocolate, whipped cream and chocolate buttons!!

Such an  event is truly blog worthy since sweets of any kind are such a rarity for him.

Other news is related to an assortment of sewing, knitting and crafting items which I have finally completed.  I devised my own sewing pattern some weeks ago and made an assortment of reversible toddler tabbards - great for mealtime mayhem and creative chaos.  I was very pleased with the results.

Front view in navy twill.

Back view.

The reversible image is this lovely jelly bean design.
I also managed to finish Pip's flower garland cardigan.  She really suits the colours and I'm so happy with the shaping that I'm in the processes of making her another one in a different colour scheme.

Lighting doesn't do justice to the main colour which is in fact a lilac!
I was also involved in the Green Parent Autumn Season Swap, I must admit my endeavours this time were no where near as grand as the Summer swap, just hope my partner isn't disappointed, especially since she was the recipient of the summer solstice quilt!  Any way it's the thought that counts right?

Acorn Bud Baby and Felted Leaf Card.
The verse inside the card read:
Midsummer past, the days reach out
Towards the Autumn glow
Of golden corn and falling leaves
That lead to Winter's snow.
So let us grasp the precious hours
While the season lingers on,
And keep the sunshine in our hearts
Long after Summer's gone.
       Ann Rutherford.
We were very lucky to receive two knitted gnomes and a trio of toadstools from our swap maker and the look on Pip's face says it all!

Playing with a toadstool.

"I love Mr Gnome Mummy"

Our Seasons Corner is nearly completes, pictures coming soon.

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