Thursday, 9 September 2010

Not Back To School Picnic

We travelled a fair distance to meet another home educating family and fellow blogger.  We were blessed with good weather which was an answer to prayer, as the previous day had seen high winds and constant rain.  The kids had a great time running around.  I would have liked to say that it was a restful time for mum but that would be a lie!!  Benedict refused to eat his lunch in one sitting as he would normally do at home, after all the other kids were grazing why couldn't he?  Needless to say I was constantly carb counting and administering insulin, not good!  Pip decided she would also eat on the hoof so I too wandered around with my tub of pasta salad and fork in hand. 
Where was Dave in all this?  He had done a sterling job driving us to our destination but upon arriving it became immediately obvious that, the picnic area was not accessible for him due to very poor mobility.  So much for a family day out!  He instead ate his lunch in a local pub and when asked later how was lunch his reply was " Shockingly quiet!!".  The final sting in the tail was the adding up of money spent on the whole day and the answer was frightening.  Mind you as I'm often telling Benedict it is okay to make mistakes as  we are given the chance to learn.  In future we need to plan more effectively when going out and Dave needs to swallow his pride and use either a wheel chair or mobility scooter to help him get around.  I'm always telling him they are ENABLERS not Dis- ablers!
Some pictures of our day:

Pip eating a homemade peanut butter cookie and if you take a peak in the bag you'll spy our foraged elderberries!

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