Saturday, 25 September 2010

Another Sick Day!

Benedict woke this morning with a trapped nerve in his neck, ouch!  He's spent the day virtually horizontal with a scarf around his neck and a hot water bottle for warming comfort.  We kept learning type activities to the bare minimum so he practiced spellings, read from school reading book, made Lego models, watched River Cottage Everyday ( nutrition, money management,eat local,animal welfare and environmental consciousness) and EWTN Kids Faith Factory - My Catholic Family.  The subject matter portrayed was related to suffering and how we can unite our sufferings to that of Christ's, a timely topic!  The programme was then followed by The Divine Mercy For Kids, so I guess we can add Catechesis to our list of subjects studied today!
Benedict also undertook an online learning style assessment from Mercy Academy, recommended by a mum on this blog:
Untrodden Paths
Eva has  very kindly responded to some of my questions  regarding Home Schooling; it is lovely to have support from another parent on this journey.
The information gleaned from the assessment is very illuminating and now this Home School Mum has a lot of thinking to do!

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