Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Autumn Days

All has been quiet in the school room this past week as Benedict has succumbed to an odd virus; nothing sinister, a bit of sickness, occasionally elevated temperatures and thumping headaches.  I would not be surprised if the sudden change in the weather and season is responsible for this current downturn in his health.  Think I'm gaga? Then check out any homoeopathy book and you will find all sorts of ailments that occur as a result of cold winds, temperature drops and seasonal changes!
This quietening period in our days has meant that, I've been able to observe Pip more closely and am constantly amazed by her good nature, sense of humour and her ability to learn new things quickly and competently.  Her latest interests involve making tea for her babies and mummy/daddy too!, attempting a wooden jigsaw on her own and spending quiet time looking at a book.  Her speech has suddenly blossomed and this past week she has added the words: mum, dad, Ba for Benedict, down, ta, out and more to her repertoire.  She still enjoys baby signing and has learnt the sign for please and thank you this week.
Whilst Dad pottered at home and looked after Benedict this morning, Pip and I went on a nature/season walk.  We wrapped up warm and followed a circuitous route near our home, stopping at the GP surgery to collect Benedict's prescription and also calling at the pharmacy to collect his medicines.  In between we chatted about the wind, watched the buses and cars go by and collected conkers both in and out of there casing, pine cones, leaves and tiny tiny crab apples.  Pip was fascinated with the different textures and Benedict was very grateful for his nature presents.
Due to the ridiculously early start to the day - 5:30 am to be precise - Pip shouting to get up and Benedict being sick!, I hadn't officially offered my day to the Lord but He in His wisdom afforded me the opportunity to offer support and encouragement to two of my neighbours; one at the start of the walk and the other at the end!  Seeing His grace work in those two situations truly reminded me of a word of encouragement offered to me at the prayer group on Monday evening - remember no matter what God is always with you holding your hand.  I needed to hear those words that evening and have tried to recollect them as I have gone about my daily living these past days.
Here are some pics of these past few days:

Elderberry Syrup and Apple Sauce.  Dave is an absolute whizz in the kitchen when it comes to preserving fruits and making bread.  Thanks to his sterling efforts we have jars of goodness tucked away for our own use, as well as gifts for friends, family and neighbours.

Comfort food for chillier days - toad in the hole served with green beans, mashed potato and apple sauce.

Quiet play.


Candle light at the day's end.

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