Thursday, 9 September 2010

Thankful for...

... friends, family time, foraging and food.
We've been harvesting apples galore from our garden, which have been quickly turned into stewed apple.  The mix is popped into sterilised Kilner jars and a quick pudding or breakfast treat is rustled up at the drop of a hat.
Our hedgerow foraging has brought forth elderberries in abundance!  Aunty Maureen and Uncle Bryan foraged on their walks as did our lovely neighbour Yvonne.  We foraged further afield, on our recent trip to Darley Abbey Park, Benedict spotted the luscious berries just as we were leaving!  We also spied a huge tree full of Sloes but did not have the time or ability to carry anything else!
As predicted we have been blessed with  good spell of weather and have managed one or two short trips nearer to home.  We face a constant dilemma between needing to be at home for school and chores with the equally important need to be out in the wider world.  I'm sure somewhere along our home school journey I will feel more comfortable with getting the balance right.
Here are some pics from our past week:

Ready to forage.

Aunty Maureen in action.

I think this may be Ragged Robin.

Meadowsweet - this and other sweet smelling herbs were strewn on the floors to scent the air in the sixteenth century.  It is a shame that such a useful flower came to stand for Uselessness in Flower Language!

Benedict joining in with another boy who had also just learnt to ride his bike.  It is amazing what a bit of stiff competition will do to stir the spirit, as up until that point Benedict was reluctantly ambling along!

An afternoon visit from Nanna and Grandad N.

Pip just lurves her Grandad!

A fraction of our apple harvest!

The Crazy Gang!

Pip sharing Daddy's stewed apple and blackberry.

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