Monday, 6 September 2010

Always we begin again

Thankfulness is at the core of St Benedict's rule.  The first rule is simply this:
"Live this life and do whatever is done with a spirit of thanksgiving"

By nine o'clock this morning breakfast had been made, the table cleared, pots washed, clothing on the line to dry and we were ready to go with home school.  Whilst I attended to kitchen chores Benedict read The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl.  We then worked on his spellings for the week.
By then it was time for circle time, we read the creation story in his children's bible and he answered the questions at the bottom of the page.  Next it was outdoor time for bean bag toss and number counting, followed by cuisenaire maths, this went down like a lead balloon!
Benedict redeemed himself by reading The Weight of The Mass book to Dave and then it was time for tidy up prior to lunch.
After lunch he had computer time with Dave using microsoft word he typed out the short poem by Christina Rossetti " Who has seen the wind?"  This was akin to a teeth pulling exercise and in order to prevent a total mutiny I sent him outside into the wind to collect our windfall apples dotted around the garden!
Seeking peace and quiet at my end, I baked some treats for tomorrows Not Back To School Picnic with Sarah and her girls in Derby.  Benedict was quite happy in the caravan listening to Enid Blyton's " Five on Kirrin Island" and drawing as he listened.  This was them followed by more reading.
Just before tea I made another attempt at some maths and this time he was in a more receptive mood, using one of his work books we looked at odd and even numbers and coloured in the squares in the appropriate colour.
I think we are turning a corner with the bed times, thank you God for the changing season and darker evenings!  Praise God this has been the second night running Benedict has been asleep by quarter past eight!

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