Wednesday, 28 July 2010

How Time Flies and Other Stories

Thanks to the skills of this mama at:Our Little Nature Nest  we gleaned her kindly shared information and worked on our life skill project for the Summer Holidays, that of telling the time.  We played a telling the time matching pairs game and looked at the clock story courtesy of the above link:

Mr and Mrs Time.

And when it all became too much, a mid afternoon siesta on the loft room floor!
Our weekly rhythm is working well and we have managed outdoor time most days - the other days have been pouring down wet weather, I wonder has Autumn arrived suddenly days!  Here are some pictures from a recent park visit:

Note the wellies!

Benedict lending a helping hand on the raised walk way.
Since we learn as we go we have not taken an official summer break and as a result we continue to plod along little by little.  Little and often works well for us, it keeps boredom levels at bay and current interests alive.  The weather therefore does not play a pivotal role in our plans and unlike those on a six week break we have the good fortune of grabbing sunnier days throughout the early autumn.  This is the first year where we will not be back to school in the September.  No school uniform or regulation shoes to purchase and no sitting in a hot class room for Benedict when the summer decides to put in a second appearance, as it so often does at that time of year.  For now however lunch time warming soups and bed time hot water bottles are the order of the day!

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