Thursday, 12 August 2010

Making The Most Of It...

... the weather that is!!  Since the start of the school holidays, I've lost count how many days it has rained.  In fact if you decide to venture forth for the day you have to be prepared for all eventualities and seasons, wet, cold and sunny!  As a result we have sallied forth and dodged the heavy downpours as best we can.  These past few weeks we have visited new friends, paddled at the beach, collected stones for an amazing craft activity, played in the park, planted new growth in the garden and in Pip's case had her first proper (much needed) haircut!!

Pip's first paddle albeit in rather mucky looking water!

Sharing a yummy Lakeland ice cream in the car, it was too cold to eat outside, sigh!

A walk on the beach wrapped up warm.

Rock Climbing!

Two's company.

Little Miss Philippa looking very grown up, sob!

" I'll sort it mama I'm a big girl now!"
In amongst the daily living this mama has managed to make a start on making the Christmas presents as well as knitting two cardigans for Pip.  All will be revealed in my new blog space very soon!!

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