Thursday, 15 July 2010

Art Attack!

Straight after breakfast once the table had been cleared and wiped, we brought down paper, craft books, glitter, glue, paints and brushes.  We all spent a very enjoyable hour painting and sticking.  I practised wet on wet water colour painting.  I was pleased with the result and have thought of a way of utilising my coloured paper in a  collage.  Benedict drew and then painted a castle scene and an underwater scene, he also had a go at splatter painting with the help of Sara.  Pip as usual thought it was a great idea to do a spot of face painting!  She did however settle to painting on paper and was enthralled with the mosaic sticking and glitter art.  All in all a very relaxing, uplifting and productive start to the day.

Benedict showing Pip the technique to hand printing!

A happy painter!

Mosaic in the making.

Colourful Chaos!

Under the sea.

King of the castle.

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