Thursday, 8 July 2010

Convertable Currency

So what do you do with 16lb of red currants picked on the spur of the moment?  Be very grateful for friends who have access to a large supply of jam jars, are willing to buy sugar at the drop of the hat and spend a Saturday afternoon jam making in the kitchen! 
After an impromptu lunch of salad, cooked tomatoes, home made bread, freshly cooked gammon (courtesy of Aunty Maureen and Uncle Bryan) and preserved damsons and Cornish ice cream; Dad and Uncle Bryan spent the afternoon in the kitchen making the first of many batches of red current jam.

Uncle B at the helm.

Bubbling away nicely.

Bottled and ready for storage.

Pip undertaking the role of primary taste tester, as you can see she takes her job very seriously!

"Hmm... I'm a bit undecided I need just another taste to make sure!""

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