Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Rainbow Rhythm

Inspired by this blog,  Mummy's Learning Too , I made one of these:

Our weekly rhythm
This colourful yet simple chart has revolutionised our working week and stopped Benedict from saying every day " what are we going to do tomorrow!"  Our market /field trip day meant a trip to a local farm shop followed by a soup lunch with Auntie Maureen and Uncle Bryan and then a nature walk in the back lane.  We saw Hawes, Elderberries, Purple Sloes, a rabbit trail and listened to the sound of baby birds high in their nests.  We managed to make it home before the heavens opened and it has rained none stop ever since!!
Today is baking day and Pizza Scones with Salad were on the lunch menu.  Once the breakfast dishes had been cleared we set too and using a child friendly recipe with only a modicum of help from me Benedict made our lunch!

This recipe was from the "Energy Balance Pack" supplied by the Flour and Grain Education Programme. It is a Key Stage 2 teaching pack relating to nutrition and health.

Weighing with an old fashioned weighing scale since our Rosemary Connolly Ener- gi scales are kaput!  A pretty good maths lesson and  balancing act!

Rubbing in the flour and butter.

Spreading pesto sauce on the base.

Topping of onion, tomatoes, mushrooms and cheese.
The pizza was then rolled into a sausage shape and sliced into rounds.  The pizzas were a lovely pin wheel formation such a shame that I forgot to take a picture of them, doh!!  Whilst the pizzas were cooking Benedict cleared the pots, washed up, wiped the surfaces and made the salad for lunch:

Plenty of pots to wash!

Super Salad!
A very enjoyable lesson and lunch all done despite having had a  super bad hypo less than one our after breakfast!  Our diabetic nurse was visiting at the time and as usual, was speechless as to what was going on with the diabetes.  Typically since lunch he has had rebound blood sugars and been running amazingly high, ah well at least the sun is shining!!

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