Saturday, 3 December 2016

December Photo Project :: Day Three ~ Long Distance

I'm a bit late to the party this year and for a split second even wondered whether I would actually join in!  Old habits die hard however and this will be my eighth year searching and capturing the memories around the darkest and yet most hopeful time of the year; so without further ado here is my photo of the day:

 Pip talking to her big sister, Sr Emma Maria SHM, in Spain.  This baby of mine talking to our firstborn who has only ever seen her twice in her life, once at her Christening when she was five months old and too young to remember and two year's ago at Sara and Tom's wedding.  Today they were chatting like they had never been apart.  

Precious x 


  1. San,

    Oh yes, very precious indeed!

    My eldest daughter Felicity entered the convent when Gemma-Rose was just a baby. It was very difficult coming to terms with the fact that the girls might not see much of each other in the following years. As you know, Felicity came home and so the sisters were reunited at least for a short time. Felicity now lives on the other side of Australia from us and we've only seen her a few times in the last ten years. It's hard for youngest and oldest siblings when they don't have the opportunity to grow up together. It looks like Pip and Sr Emma have a very special relationship regardless of their separation. Beautiful photo! xx

  2. This is lovely! You should pop over to Julie at as she is doing an Advent calendar link up which you are essentially doing too!

  3. This is really special San :) xoxo


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