Wednesday, 7 December 2016

December Photo Project :: Day Six ~ Kid Capers

Like synchronised swimmers they both remembered to "strike a pose" as Madonna would say!  Two very funny crazy dudes :-)

The St Nicholas treats went down a storm and how fortuitous that Nanna and Grandad N ( my parents) were visiting.  Pip enthusiastically shared her new knitting book and wool and with Nanna's supervision learned to cast on, measure and make a start on a knitted case for my phone 💜

Benedict made his signature "Leek and Potato Soup", almost as good as Aunty Mo's ~ God rest her soul and whilst the soup was cooking I managed to rustle up some St Nicholas biscuits.  I did not make a large batch of dough so they were star as opposed to saint shaped!  They went down well and my dad even asked for the recipe, so they must have been good :-)

 Happy St Nicholas Day 🎅

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dorinalouise said...

Hello San, I read your Tomten post last night at about 8:30 pm and then realized that it was St. Nicholas Eve! I forget more easily with the girls so grown. Fortunately, our neighborhood grocery was open until 10 pm and Greg was good enough to run out for St. Nicholas treats (neither one of the girls was home yet from their babysitting and dance rehearsal!)

How fun for Pip to begin knitting with Grandma and on St. Nicholas Day. It's a special time and makes for a warm memory :) Your cookies do look delicious. Is it your own recipe or from a book? I made gingerbread this evening, and will maybe watch "Miracle on 34th Street" with Morgana, if she finishes some schoolwork she has :) Chanda is finally on her way home from a Nutcracker rehearsal. I have her dinner sitting on the table. I look forward to receiving your package! Thanks so much for sending it out. Love, Dorina